Scarlet Nexus guide, tricks, tips and secrets

100% complete Scarlet Nexus with the help of our guide in Spanish and free of spoilers. Will you be the one to save the world from the Alters?


Welcome to our Scarlet Nexus guide . Throughout several entries we will tell you how to overcome the story of Yuito and Kasane with the Scarlet Guard 100% . The Alters threaten to destroy the world and in the end, as usual, it will be up to them to solve it. Here we will tell you everything about how to overcome the plot without spoilers, secondary missions, enemies, companions, how to improve your relationship with them and much more.


The story of Scarlet Nexus presents us with the possibility of playing with two different characters . Although its objective is the same, the plot and development of the episodes will be different. Here we will tell you, without spoilers, how to overcome all the Phases of the game with both characters, with indications of secondary and important objects:

  • Character selection: choose between Yuito and Kasane to face this adventure.
  • How to change characters: it is possible to change characters, as long as you meet a requirement. We tell you how to do it.
  • Yuito’s Story: The founder’s heir has a lot to prove.
  • Kasane’s story: a mysterious cadet with great abilities.

New EX game


Once you’ve finished the game, you can start a New EX game , which is Scarlet Nexus’ name for the classic New Game + mechanic . Here we will show you how it works, which elements are kept, which are not …

  • New EX game:how it works and what you keep .

Companions and bonding episodes

Throughout our adventure through the world of Scarlet Nexus , we will have several teammates . Although his involvement in the fighting is not as direct as in other games, we can use the SAS system to combine his powers with ours . Here we will show you what all the companions are, their SAS powers, and how to complete their bonding episodes .

  • How to get the best weapons: The weapons are easy to get, but you will need to know where the materials are for the final weapons.
  • Characters All characters and bond episodes, when they are unlocked, and SAS abilities.
  • Link episodes: what they are, effects and how to start them.
  • Link levels: we tell you what the link level is, how to upload it and its effect.
  • How to get all the gifts: here we tell you how you can get all of them.
  • Team Link Episodes: The group also has its own global level. Here we tell you how to upload it and its effect.

Side missions

How could it be otherwise, Scarlet Nexus will present us with more than thirty secondary missions . Each of them has its goals and rewards . Here we will give you all that information, as well as when they will be available :

  • How to deliver missions: missions are not completed by returning to the client, here we explain how it is done.
  • Are there any missable missions?: Here we will tell you if you really need to complete missions as soon as they are available or not.
  • ALL side missions: where and when to activate them, objectives and how to complete them, rewards.


As in any role-playing game and action, Scarlet Nexus has several final bosses that we will have to defeat. In this section we will tell you what all the bosses are and what you have to do to defeat them.

  • All Scarlet Nexus bosses (Yuito).
  • All Scarlet Nexus bosses (Kasane).


We have a lot of common enemies to face in this adventure. Each of them will drop specific objects , so you should know where to find them and what you can get. If you want to complete the list, remember that each character has a different list of enemies . You will have to play a New EX Game if you want to get the corresponding achievement / trophy.

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