How to improve SAS powers and duties in Scarlet Nexus

There are many powers available in Scarlet Nexus. There is a wide variety of Struggle Arms System (SAS) abilities that can range from teleportation to invisibility, all of which can be upgraded as you progress through the game. how to increase your SAS powers and the bonds of your teammates in Scarlet Nexus.

How to improve SAS powers and duties in Scarlet Nexus

These two game mechanics really work together. To increase the powers of SAS, you will need to increase the level of its bond with the character to which the power belongs. So, for example, you will have to increase your bond with Hanabi if you want to enhance her pyrokinesis powers.

To increase your bond, give gifts to team members in the hideout, respond to their brain messages, and fight with them on your team while using your abilities. Using as many skills as possible becomes easier as you level up depending on how you invest in your skill tree. Some abilities allow you to use multiple SAS powers at the same time.

Gifts can be obtained by exchanging items in the Satori Shop, completing side quests, or finding them randomly in the game world. When you redeem for a gift in the Shop, you can see which character he would like the most. The gift, as indicated by a small heart-shaped icon next to her face. If you’ve ever given someone a particular gift, there will be a little check mark next to their face. The game won’t even let you give gifts to the wrong characters anyway, so you can’t spoil your generosity here.

Bonds can also be increased through binding episodes by talking to teammates in the hideout during the waiting phases between main story missions to get closer to them and possibly increase their number of respective SAS powers. Bond episodes can range from simple cut scenes showing a conversation to full missions.

Each power supply has six tiers, and each tier provides a different upgrade to SAS power. Once your individual link levels are high enough, your overall team’s link level will increase as well. And once that happens, you can activate Team Bond episodes to see special scenes in the hideout that include entire groups of characters.

That’s all you need to know about how to increase SAS powers and increase bond levels in Scarlet Nexus . Check out our game’s wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and other general information.

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