Final Fantasy VII Remake guide: tips, tricks and secrets

Welcome to our Final Fantasy VII Remake guide . The long-awaited return of one of the most beloved and remembered installments in the franchise presents its first part, in which, over more than 50 hours of play , we will explore Midgar and face the powerful electric company Shinra. In this guide you will find, with the minimum number of spoilers , information on how to overcome each of the chapters, how to defeat all the bosses, how to get all the materials, weapons and Limits of the characters and much more.


The complete guide to the story includes, without storyline , the 18 Chapters of which the game is composed. Here we will take you by the hand in each part, so that you do not leave anything undone : chests, when to complete missions and secondary contents, materials that you will find along the way, weapons …

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  • Chapter 1: A mercenary among insurgents: Cloud Strife returns to Midgar to help out an old friend.
  • Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters :The team disperses after their last performance.
  • Chapter 3: The Seventh Heaven : Wereturn to Sector 7, where someone has a very special bar.
  • Chapter 4: Midnight Mission :Jessie wants to make a proposition to Cloud.
  • Chapter 5: Stamp, Guide Dog : Itis time for the next mission to get underway.
  • Chapter 6: The slum sun :the group goes through the bowels of Midgar.
  • Chapter 7: Infiltration into Reactor # 5 :The team arrives at its next destination.
  • Chapter 8: The flower of the reunion :Cloud meets an acquaintance who is having a hard time.
  • Chapter 9: District of Lust :The Wall Market is as interesting as it is disturbing.
  • Chapter 10: Sewer Rats :Corneo shows us the dungeons in his home.
  • Chapter 11: Bad omens :we returned to sector 7, but not exactly to the part we wanted …
  • Chapter 12: Resistance Up! :the entire sector 7 plays it all or nothing.
  • Chapter 13: The world in ruins :Avalanche members search for survivors among the rubble.
  • Chapter 14: Twilight in Midgar :The group is determined to find a way to settle accounts with Shinra … in their own territory.
  • Chapter 15: Midgar Twilight :Cloud, Tifa and Barret begin the penultimate ascent.
  • Chapter 16: Shinra’s Building : It‘s time to storm the enemy headquarters.
  • Chapter 17: Escape from Chaos :An unexpected guest enters the scene.
  • Chapter 18: Wherever Fate Leads : Itis time to see what awaits us beyond Midgar.

End explained


If you have been deeply puzzled by the end of the game, here we explain the ending and what happens , the implications it may have in future installments of this remake and more. Don’t open the link without finishing the game , obviously.


As a good role-playing game that is, throughout our adventure we will face a lot of final bosses . In this section we will show you how to defeat them all, both historical and optional , giving advice on their attacks, how to avoid them, their vulnerabilities … Let no one get in the way of Avalanche, let’s take it !

To avoid spoilers , we will not list the bosses of the whole story here, but you can enter the corresponding section or better, in the Story chapter where the boss comes out if you want to see the tips and strategies to defeat him.


The well-known Matter system returns, with improved mechanics to make it even more interesting. So that you have no doubts, here we will tell you how to get all the Matters of the game, as well as a brief explanation of what the simple system consists of which give us access to skills. Have you seen those summons matters? The enemies will flee in fear when they see the powerful Ifrit riding a barbecue …

  • How to equip materials :we show you the basis of the system.
  • How to level up the matters :get new spells and abilities improving these spheres.
  • Magical Matters (Green) :All green matters, the spells they give access to and how to get them.
  • Skill Matters (Yellow) :Get the most useful commands with these matters.
  • Support Materials (Blue) :Get special effects by combining these materials with others.
  • Special Matters (Purple) :If your character needs a boost, nothing like these matters.
  • Summons Matters (Red) :The most powerful spirits are locked in these matters. Let the enemies feel their power and tremble.


There are a whole myriad of common enemies, collected in our complete Bestiary , that you will have to face during your adventure. So that you have no problems (and you better believe it: some monsters are dangerous), we will tell you all about the normal enemies of Final Fantasy VII Remake , and we will give you strategies to finish off the hardest.

Weapons and abilities

In Final Fantasy VII Remake all weapons now have special features. For starters, there are no overtly better weapons than others . This is because we can improve them using AP (Weapon Points), which means that even the Mortal Sword can be superior to some later ones in certain aspects, if we decide for example to focus it on physical attack. In addition, each weapon gives access to a special ability , which once mastered, we can use with any of the other weapons. Don’t be left without any with our guide.

  • PA and Weapon Upgrades –We show you how the skill point system works to unlock new effects on weapons.
  • Skills and Expertise :Here you will see how the system works to learn the skills of each weapon.
  • Weapons of Cloud :how to get all the swords of Cloud.
  • Barret’s Weapons :Get all the giant’s arms-arms.
  • Tifa’s weapons :find all the fighter’s gloves.
  • Aeris Weapons :With the right staff, the florist will greatly enhance her magic power.
  • Combat Manuals :We show you how to get hold of all the Combat Manuals, to activate all the weapon upgrades at the same time.

Orders / Side Missions

This time, Final Fantasy VII Remake forgets about the very few optional contents from the Midgar part to add more than 20 Orders , which is the name by which the side missions are known in this game. Here we will show you how to complete them all, and how to activate a few that depend on certain decisions :

  • Commissions of Chapter 3 :6 orders await us distributed by the neighborhood of sector 7.
  • Chapter 8 assignments :6 others, this time in sector 5 neighborhood.
  • Chapter 9assignments : here we go to 3 missions, but this depends on our decisions to choose between Missions A and Missions B.
  • Missions A of Chapter 9 :how to access route A of the orders in this chapter.
  • Missions B of Chapter 9 :how to access route B of the orders in this chapter.
  • Chapter 14commissions : one last battery of 8 commissions, spread across all areas.
  • The Card of the Slum Angel :We show you where to get the final reward for completing secondary missions.


In addition to the Orders you have on these lines, in Final Fantasy VII Remake we have a few mini-games with which to entertain ourselves. Although many can only be played at a certain point in history, all have some reward either in the form of a Trophy, or in the form of objects that will be very useful to us, such as weapons and accessories. Are you curious to know them? Well, don’t waste any more time (no, snowboarding is not available … yet):

  • Darts :prove you are the king of 301. Don’t step on the line, which is cheating!
  • Motorcycle Ride :Basic Soldier training includes learning to drive while using a huge broadsword to take down enemies. The normal.
  • Warehouse Levers –Enter the secret cache of Shinra’s Weapons Lab and steal objects from under their noses.
  • Boxbreakers :children in sector 5 are entertained in a very special way.
  • Squats :down, up, down, up … Come on! Buttocks of steel are not available overnight!
  • Dance :if you are a dance queen, young and sweet, but you are over 17, at Posada de la Abeja you can show your skills on the dance floor.
  • Dominated :Tifa can also prove that she is an elite athlete.

Combat reports

Another of the secondary contents of the game is the Combat Reports , some special challenges . It turns out that there is a young man who wants to carry out an investigation, but it is too big for him, so he will turn to us. In return, he will reward us with tons of exclusive materials , including most of the game’s summon materials :

  • Reports # 01- # 04 :a small starter battery so you know how the system works.
  • Reports # 05- # 09 :if you keep things up-to-date, you will soon be over them.
  • Reports # 10- # 14 :things start to get complicated, and you will need our help.
  • Reports # 15- # 20 :If you manage to overcome these last challenges, a very special invocation awaits you.

Colosseum and virtual battles

We have said it before, yes, but here is the authentic Allévoy! of the game . As Dio’s combat arena in the Gold Saucer, the Colosseum and virtual Combats allow us to face special fights , in which we will have to fight under specific conditions, or against extremely powerful enemies, to achieve limits, special objects and summons .

  • Virtual battles :faces special challenges Chadley.
  • Colosseum :only the bravest dare to enter the arena of Don Corneo.
  • Virtual Combats (Shinra Building) :The electric company has another simulator to entertain its employees.
  • Secret Virtual Battles –Someone has a fully hidden simulator mounted with the game’s biggest challenges.


An old acquaintance is back. The Limits, finishing moves for each character , still appear as devastating as you remember. Yes, now they have changed, there are new ones, and some Limits are now Skills, but of course, these blows will not leave anyone indifferent. Especially enemies, which you will tear apart with each impact.

  • How to use a Limit :the ABC of newbies.
  • How to equip a new Limit : it isnot enough to unlock them, you have to choose one.
  • All Cloud Limits and how to get there .
  • All the Tifa Limits and how to get them .
  • All the Limits of Barret and how to get them .
  • All Aeris Limits and how to get them .

How long does it last?

Final Fantasy VII Remake lasts between 40 and 70 hours . To explain how this duration is reached, we want to tell you, in this section, exactly how long Final Fantasy VII Remake lasts .

  • Main story.
  • Side missions.
  • Optional fights.
  • Weapons and upgrades.
  • Trophies

Frequent questions

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  • All music discs :we show you how to get hold of the 31 discs in the game.
  • Dresses for Don Corneo (The Best Dressed Trophy ):here you will see how to get the three dresses for each character, to get one of the most complex Trophies in the game … if not for our explanation.
  • Encounters with Johnny (Johnny’s Life Trophy) :If you do not know how to find the strange character by Midgar, here we tell you the requirements of each one and how to get the Trophy.
  • Where to find a Molbol :There are two Trophies related to this filthy creature and here we will tell you where it is and how to defeat it.
  • How to do 300% damage (Fight Without Truce Trophy) :we show you a very simple system to shoot the percentage of Vulnerable.
  • Universal Twilight :Here’s how to get the best in-game accessory, giving access to Near Infinite Limit.
  • Moguri Medals and Moguri Bazaar –There is a hidden shop with a couple of cool items.
  • Fast travel :you do not have to walk from one place to another if you know how to use the chocobotaxi.
  • Buy cheaper in stores :some stores have a discount system that we will show you here.
  • How to open the golden and red doors :if you are a craving, we show you how to open the locks of these places.


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