How to change the climate of the Island of Armor in Pokémon Sword and Shield

The trick to change the climate in Pokémon Sword and Shield See , I have taught, but the release of the DLC Island Armor is a new territory of Galar to explore , a whole island with their own schedules and favorable days for certain meteorological phenomena , which are different from those affecting the Wild Area of the base game. That is why in this section of our complete guide we show you how to change the climate of Isla de la Armadura so that you can choose the one that best suits you at all times.

How to change the climate of the Island of Armor?


You can visit the Isle of Armor once you have purchased the Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion pass . More than 200 Pokémon live in this region and, as was the case in the base game, the climate of the different areas can affect the appearance of each other.

If you want to get all the new Pokémon from the DLC, it is very possible that you need the weather to be determined at certain times. Sometimes the game may not offer you the time you want, so you can implement the following trick (without having to close the application):

  • Step 1:Press the “Home” button on the controller to go to the main menu of your Nintendo Switch.
  • Step # 2:Enter the Console Settings menu (the one with the gear icon).
  • Step 3:Scroll down to the last box called Console and enter this submenu.
  • Step 4:In the Date and Time section, deactivate the automatic Date and Time (this option must be set to “No”).
  • Step 5:Now you can modify the dates and times of the console as you wish.

Now depending on the day you put on your console, different climates will appear on the Isle of Armor.

All climates of Armor Island

The climate of Isla de la Armadura is different from that of Galar and has its own times and dates, depending on where you are or what day it is. You should know that each area of ​​the island maintains its climate for a whole natural day , and that Snow and Blizzard climates are not available on Armor Island.

Luckily, there is a list of days that ensure the appearance of different climates, so all you have to do is change the date and time of your Switch for one of these dates to obtain the desired weather on the island:

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  • Cleared:March 15 or September 15.
  • Rain:April 15 or June 15 (causes the Rain Dance effect in combat).
  • Fog:January 15 or October 15 (causes the Fog Field effect in combat).
  • Cloudy:February 15 or November 15.
  • Sun:May 15 or December 15 (causes the Sunny Day effect in combat).
  • Storm:July 15 or August 15 (causes the Rain Dance and Electric Field effect in combat).
  • Sandstorm:There are no known guaranteed days (causes the Sandstorm effect in combat). It is usually the default climate of the Sandy Basin area.

Remember that the Sandstorm weather is unlocked once you arrive in Artejo City and you have 3 Gym Medals in your possession, and the Fog time is only unlocked when finishing the main story and overcoming the Meeting of Champions


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