Types of producers that exist

We have talked about it in previous posts, we are all clear about the role that a director or scriptwriter plays in a movie but that of the producer… We saw on other occasions that what he really does is take care of practically everything , but even so there are three different figures related with the producers: executive, delegate and producer director . Do they do the same tasks? Are they totally different? Let’s find out below.

Executive producer

If you already know that the producer is really the one who finances the film, you will easily understand that the executive producer is in charge of looking for all those producers who want to make their investment in it. What happens both in large productions and in simpler films, is that on many occasions the executive producer is the only producer and sometimes this leads to confusion.

Executive producer

The producer often has to delegate his work to someone else who executes his actions, coordinates them, directs them and keeps him informed at all times. Hence the figure of the delegated producer, a person in whom the producer delegates to take off workload .

Producer director

But renting has to control that everything that the producer has requested is executed correctly, within the established deadlines and especially with the budget allocated to it. For this reason, the figure of the producer director is necessary, the person who checks that the money and time are invested correctly. However, his work is difficult to quantify if we talk about awards; for example, the Oscars do not take it into account. And it is difficult to see their results simply by viewing the film.

As you can see, the three figures are related to the producer since even the same person could do all the tasks. But in large-scale productions it is difficult to be able to do it and the role of the producer unfolds in these three that we have just seen.


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