8 Types of Students In Class;Every Teacher Must Know

Every Teacher must know the Types of Students In Class.Given that every student has a unique profile of academics and personality, how can teachers pay attention to everyone’s needs at once? How can they draw the eye-roller or the dreamer into class activities or discussions, while not let- ting the con artist or hand-waver dominate? When breaking the class into small groups, how can they arrange their very different students to maximize every- one’s learning—not only of the subject material but also of important skills like collaboration, organization, and communication.

8 Types of Students In Class

The eye-roller.

Once angered or embarrassed by something, students like us stay that way throughout the course. We deliberately tune out, to make sure you get the message that we dont care.

The wallflower.

Students like us may know the answer or have some- thing to say, but we have a high level of anxiety about our ability to per- form. We dont raise our hands, because we dont want to be noticed.

The hand-waver.

Students like us need to prove to the teacher that we’re knowledgeable or smart. Grades matter more than anything to us.

The dreamer.

Students like us know plenty, but we don’t have a drive to prove ourselves to teachers. We prefer to inhabit our own private world, which is usually more comfortable than the classroom.

The con artist.

Students like us are always developing strategies to fool the teacher into thinking we know something. We’re not necessarily cheaters, but we know how to play the game and win.

The goof-off.

Students like us may be very smart, but to impress our peers we spend most of our time joking around and causing disruptions.

The workhorse.

Students like us always come to class, do the home- work, and answer the questions. We might not excel, but teachers can depend on us.

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