Tupi cheese

Tupi cheese . Tupí cheese, often called simply tupí, is a Pyrenean cheese , originating in Cerdanya , Alto Urgel and Pallars .


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Along with the Llenguat cheese from the region, it is one of the few cheeses of authentic Catalan origin. This cheese, very soft and creamy, contains a lot of fat.It can be eaten with country bread and strong wines , because, like Llenguat, it is quite strong. It can also be used to prepare a cream to accompany other dishes.


Tupi cheese is made with sheep’s milk , or cow’s milk , and brandy or other liquor.


Milk is heated a little, to about 35 ° C. Thistle flower is diluted apart in half a glass of water and added to milk, waiting until milk is taken. Then the cottage cheese is pressed with your hands until it becomes a ball. After putting the cottage cheese inside a cheese maker, it drains until no more liquid is released. It is molded, placed inside a spindle moulder , and brandy is added. It is then stirred for four or five days and left until the boil ferments, for a minimum of two months, to achieve the desired consistency. Some people add extra virgin olive oil to the fermentation jar.


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