What is truffle breeze and how it is used

Do you know what truffle breeze is and how it is used in cooking? It is a gourmet product from which you can find different formats and with different types of truffle, Tuber melanosporum, Tuber aestivium, Tuber brumale … In any case, it is grated or chopped truffle ready to add to all types of dishes.

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, the term ‘ brisura ‘ comes from the French brisure which, in turn, comes from briser , whose translation would be ‘break’. But the Spanish voice ‘brisura’ also has another meaning related to heraldry. In any case, we are interested in the first explanation to address the question that leads this post, what is truffle breeze ?

Knowing that truffle breeze is a product that can be found in gourmet stores, referring to the ‘mushroom’ truffle, not chocolate truffle, and knowing that the origin of the word ‘brisura’ is related to the breaking action, we can easily deduce that a truffle breeze is basically diced truffle or broken truffle.

Now, as to how these truffle pieces are, it depends on the manufacturer of the product, but it is normal to find a jar of grated or chopped truffle. It should be noted that there is a big difference between the truffle breeze and the truffle pasta , and that is that the truffle pasta is usually mainly a mushroom paste, usually mushrooms, with a small percentage of black truffle or summer truffle and, according to The manufacturer, aromas and other ingredients.

For its part, the truffle breeze is simply the grated or chopped mushroom , a little juice and salt are often added for preservation, and we can also find it in extra virgin olive oil, among other similar formats. It is important to know that there are different types of truffle breeze and that it is convenient to read the list of ingredients to make sure you buy what you want, because the fact that on the label it says ‘ Black truffle breeze ‘, does not guarantee that it is only winter truffle or Tuber melanosporum , which is much more aromatic and tasty than other varieties of truffle such as summer or Tuber aestivium .

If you do a search on the internet to buy truffle or grated truffle brisura you will find different options, jars and cans in different formats, and different types of truffle, there is Tuber melanosporum , Tuber aestivium , Tuber brumale bristle , combining different types of truffle … and as we commented, they can be preserved in their juice or in oil.

¿ How truffle Cadency used ?

The use of the truffle breeze in the kitchen is very wide, it is very versatile, it can be added to all kinds of culinary preparations, sauces, rice, pasta, vegetables, vegetable, fish or meat stews, puddings, fondues, tortillas , scrambled … and even to spread on a toast with some cheese flakes, if it is a good truffle, it is a good delicacy.

It is preferable to incorporate the truffle breeze at the end of the preparation, as is usually done with fresh truffles , thus maintaining its fresher flavor and aroma. Anyway, in some kitchens the breeze is added to the dishes in which fresh black truffle is used in order to enhance the flavor with a more economical product (the canning of brisura is obviously cheaper than the black truffle, a gourmet product whose price fluctuates week by week).

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