What does ‘website’ mean on Instagram and what is it used for? | Explanation

Learning how to use all of Instagram’s built-in features is essential to establishing yourself within the platform, and to improving the experience on it. Since with each new version of the application, Instagram includes new features to satisfy its users , through tools such as putting dates on Instagram Stories photos from the mobile application , to make the stories more interactive and increase their reach.

The most effective way to find out the correct way to use the Instagram application to the maximum of its capabilities is through the notifications that the application sends about what’s new in it, such as new complementary tools and options to customize your profile. You can also learn through tutorials like this one, where we’ll explain what ‘website’ means on Instagram and what it’s used for.

What does ‘Website’ mean on Instagram and what is it used for? | Explanation

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  1. What is it and what is the purpose of the ‘Website’ section when editing your Instagram profile?
  2. How to correctly edit the ‘Website’ space on your profile?
    1. Putting the link of your website
    2. Placing the link of another social network
    3. Leaving it blank
  3. How to share your website on Instagram to attract more people?
    1. With the help of the ‘Linktree’ link menu
    2. Adding the URL to the bottom of your posts
    3. Adding the website link to your quick responses

What is it and what is the purpose of the ‘Website’ section when editing your Instagram profile?

A Website is a collection of web pages with text and multimedia content, all related to each other and stored under the same internet domain. One of the main options that Instagram has to edit a profile is to include a personal website of your venture or some other social network that you want to link to your Instagram account, in order to increase traffic to it.

Taking into account that Instagram is one of the main social networks today, it is recommended to include a Website when editing the profile of a personal account. By filling in this category, using Instagram as a digital marketing tool to improve the sales of a business, and thus obtain more visits and position itself among the top positions in search engines , to establish itself as a brand.

How to correctly edit the ‘Website’ space on your profile?

The content that you can add to the Website section when editing the profile of an Instagram account is entirely at your discretion , since you can add any type of website that you want and want to associate with your personal account. Although it is not mandatory to fill in this field when you are editing a profile, it is recommended to use it to benefit from it.

Below we will show you the options that you have at your disposal to correctly edit the Website space on your Instagram profile, so that you can determine the option that best suits your tastes and preferences.

Putting the link of your website

If you have a personal website for your business or venture, you can add it to the Website section when editing your Instagram profile, you just have to copy the domain of the website that is located in the address bar , at the top of the page. browser. To facilitate the editing of the profile, it is recommended to carry out this process from the official Instagram website and not from the mobile app.

The main advantage that this option offers is that through it you can promote your business or venture within Instagram, where the impact it can generate will be much greater to connect with potential customers and thus you can improve your personal brand. In addition to this, by adding your website to the profile you can facilitate direct and instant communication with your customers.

Placing the link of another social network

Another of the main options that you have available to fill in the Website section in the Edit profile section of an Instagram account, is adding the link of your profile on another social network such as Twitter, Facebook or TikTok, in order to have both networks social linked to each other. As with websites, you can copy the link to another social network directly from the address bar of the browser.

One of the main advantages for which it is recommended to add the link of another social network to the Instagram profile, is because the content that you upload on other social networks can change in relation to the content of your Instagram account. In this way, your followers will be able to see other facets of you and get to know you better , being a simple way to reach a greater number of people on both social networks.

Leaving it blank

As we previously mentioned, the option to fill in the Website section when editing the profile of an Instagram account is not mandatory and therefore, you can leave said space blank without including any website or social network, without suffering any repercussions on the use of the application. Although it is necessary to mention that by leaving this space blank, you are limiting the potential that the platform can offer.

On the other hand, leaving the Website section blank is an option that can offer greater security compared to the others. Especially when we consider all the external threats that surround social networks such as Instagram , so with this you can avoid Phishing or identity theft , since the repercussions that such attacks can cause are serious both personally and economically.

How to share your website on Instagram to attract more people?

In addition to the option to add a website to an account’s profile, Instagram offers several options for sharing a website in various sections of the platform, although with some limitations if you don’t meet the necessary requirements. For example, to share a link in a story you must have a minimum of 10,000 followers and have a business profile , rather than a personal one.

In the same way, it is absolutely necessary to know the methods available to increase the reach of your website by diverting traffic from Instagram to it, which can help you get new customers with a wide age range to establish your brand within community. Next we will show you the options you have available to share your website on Instagram.

With the help of the ‘Linktree’ link menu

Linktree is an external tool that can be complemented with Instagram to use in the Website section when editing an account’s profile, since with this tool it is possible to combine a series of links from external pages into a single page. So that it is possible to add to the Instagram profile all the sites and social networks linked to your account, so that other users can easily locate you.

The procedure to use the Linktree links menu is quite simple and you can do it in a matter of seconds, to add it to your Instagram profile. To do this, you just have to follow the following instructions.

  • Enter the official Linktree website from the browser of your choice to register on the platform. It is important to mention that registration is completely free.
  • Once you have created the account and verified your profile, you will enter the Linktree home feed, where you will be able to view the dashboard to customize your profile with an avatar and change the layout of the page.
  • Then, to add links from external websites to your Linktree profile, you must click on the ‘Add New Link’ buttonfound within the Links tab.
  • After finishing adding all the links you want to your Linktree profile, you will have to enter the Edit profile section on Instagramto paste the link of your Linktree account in the Website section.

Adding the URL to the bottom of your posts

Unlike stories, within standard Instagram posts you don’t need to meet any minimum requirements to add a URL in the description , without violating any of Instagram’s security standards. So, after adding an image or video in a post, you can write the link of your business website or social media in the post description.

You can even place the link you want within the image or video of the post, although this option is less effective , because in this way users who view the post will not be able to enter the link directly, but will have to copy it manually, which will not have the same effect and will therefore result in less traffic to your website.

Adding the website link to your quick responses

In its current version, Instagram allows users to add a link to a website or social network in quick responses, although to use this function it is necessary to have a professional account. Through this option you can share the link of your web page with other users quickly and effectively, since you can automatically include it when replying to a message.

To configure the quick responses tool on Instagram, you just have to open the Instagram mobile application and enter the private message tray to open a conversation. Within the chat window, click on the ‘+’ icon, then on the quick replies icon and click on ‘+’ again to create the quick reply and add the website link. To finish the process, click on the Save button

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