The teachers are as excited as the teachers for the teachers day. Children start preparing for it several days in advance. They work so hard, then the program is edited. In such a situation, his hard work is appreciated. This boosts their morale and keeps them excited. After all, the teachers also enjoy this day very much and feel special appreciation from the students and they are proud to be their teachers.

Thank You Speech for Teachers ‘Day (Thank You Speech for Teachers’ Day in Hindi)

Speech 1

Respected Principal Sir, my hearty greetings to you, fellow teachers and my dear students!

First of all I would like to express my thanks to my fellow teachers and the Principal. Today is 5th of September and this day has a special place in my heart. 20 years ago today, on September 1, I started teaching in this school and 4 days later, there was the occasion of Teacher’s Day, on which I was invited to give a speech.

Today, even after 20 years, I am again in the same place and the school is the same, the teacher and staff are also the same, just the faces of the students change every year. By the way, when the students leave from here, we feel happy and proud, although there is also the sorrow of getting separated from them.

By the way, I do not want to get emotional today because today is an occasion of happiness and celebration. First of all, I would like to thank all my students for organizing this wonderful program. I am sure you all will know about Teachers’ Day and why it is celebrated on 5 September. Nevertheless, for your information, tell you that on this day in 1888, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born, a great philosopher and scholar who later became a very famous teacher and after independence he became the Vice-President of India. And also became president.

Although every year this day is celebrated as Teachers’ Day, but this year I would like to dedicate this day to my dear students. I would like to thank all my students from this forum for giving me so much love and respect like my parents. I consider myself very fortunate to have such a relationship with my students. Yes, I will definitely admit that I get angry at times and deal harshly with all of you, but I do this so that you do not deviate from your path and concentrate on your studies. School is the cornerstone of your first step to success, so I want you all to progress in your life.

This year the students of our school participated in the national level competition for the first time and received three gold medals and two silver medals. This was a very proud occasion for all of us. I would like to thank all my students who practiced for the competition by saving time along with their studies.

Today, I want to tell all the students that all of you must take part in other activities like sports and sports. Education should be your priority but you should not forget to enjoy your life. You must take part in an act of your choice, whether it is sports or puzzle, art, music, drama, painting, etc. Why not always try to share in your interests because it makes you a better person Will help you in becoming and getting progress in life.

I wish you all the best and thanks!


Speech 2

Respected Principal Sir, fellow teachers, all staff and my dear students, all of you are welcome to this program.

First of all, I would like to thank every participant of today for participating in this program. Like every year, this year also we are celebrating this program. Which has special significance for everyone, especially for schools, today is 5 September and this day is celebrated every year as Teachers’ Day all over the country. 5 September is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a great scholar and teacher, as well as a well-known philosopher and politician who was the first Vice-President of India and the second President from 1962 to 1967.

I thank all the students for organizing this program in such a grand way. This day is very important in the history of our school because our school was established on this day 30 years ago. Since then, we have taught many students and they have passed from our school with very good marks and are working in good positions in big companies today. There have also been many occasions when some students did not get the results they wanted, but one thing that has always continued is the students’ dedication to their goals and studies.

From this forum today, I would like to thank all of you students for participating in other activities like dance, sports, music, and art, besides studying. Currently our students represent our school at the national level, which is indeed a matter of pride.

When I became a part of this school 10 years ago. Then I had doubts about whether the students would understand me. But I feel very happy to say that the students of this school are very intelligent, intelligent and respectful of teachers. Sometimes we teachers are very strict and you scold people, when you do not perform as per our expectations. Today I would like to tell you that we expect you most. So that is why you can understand why we sometimes treat you harshly and why you expect good behavior from you all the time. Your parents or guardians have great faith in our school and they expect you to illuminate their name. Out of many schools, he has selected this school for you and he wants you to do well in your subjects like we all did by Dr. Radhakrishnan.

Also, thank you all for coming here and for making this program so spectacular. The students of our school are very dear to us and today our school has reached this place only because of them. With this, it is achieving new successes year after year.

For me this is a great platform where I can thank all of you students today and hope that you will work in the same way and achieve progress in future.

I pray that all of you continued to achieve similar successes in your life.

Thank you all for listening to my speech so patiently!


Speech 3

Respected teacher, fellow teachers and my dear students, all of you are warmly welcomed in this program today!

Today we all gather to celebrate that holy day, which holds a special place in our heart and consciousness, yes it is Teacher’s Day. Every year on September 5, we gather in this ground to pay tribute to the great teacher and former President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was born on this day.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was one of the greatest teachers of independent India, along with he was the first Vice-President and second President of our country. Every year on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, they are respected for the hard work of the teachers in the schools of our country and the work done for the future of the students.

Today, through this forum, I would like to thank my students for giving me so much love and respect. Apart from this, I would also like to thank all of you students for organizing this program on such an occasion on behalf of the entire school administration and teachers group. I was able to see that after school time the students were taking extra time and preparing for this program, you all are entitled to thank you for these tasks and hard work.

Teachers have been highly respected in India for centuries and Teacher’s Day is an occasion when teachers and students give thanks to each other. I am not saying that we are the best creatures on earth, we also do not have any shortcomings or weaknesses. Therefore it is very important that teachers never stop learning and always try to be better.

Teacher’s day is organized in different ways in different schools. In some schools, students dress up in classrooms like their favorite teachers, and the same teacher and other students calmly listen to their talk. Such experiences remind us of our school days and at the same time students also understand the challenges of a teacher. This day is a good opportunity for teachers and students to interact. I try to talk to every student in my class and want them to share their thoughts with me, so that I can understand their problems even better.

We have always organized the program of Teacher’s Day in a fun manner and the credit goes to the students of our school. Even though the programs have been decided by the school authority, it has been prepared by the students and it shows the talent of the students of our school. With this, our students are very happy and good, who easily coordinate between their studies and other activities.

Through this forum I want to say to you that I hope that you will do your best in your exams and illuminate the name of parents and school. It is very important that you also take part in your other works such as sports, dance, music arts etc. so that your overall development can happen.

I wish you all the best for your future.

Thank you all for giving me your valuable time!


Speech 4

Respected Principal Sir, hearty greetings to all of you, dear teachers and dear students!

Thank you all for coming here, today is a very important day for all of us. Today we all gather here to celebrate the annual teacher festival in our school.

First of all, I would like to thank my esteemed Principal, who commanded the students and teachers to celebrate Teachers’ Day with so much enthusiasm.

I am feeling very happy standing here in front of you today and thank you all the students for organizing this event. Since ancient times, there has been a special place for teachers in the hearts and minds of students in our country, in earlier times teachers in our country were called as Guru and were given equal status to God. Even though times have changed, I am very happy that the teachers in our country are still respected as before.

Every school in India celebrates this Teachers’ Day and students celebrate this special day to thank their teachers. This program is celebrated every year since 1962 on 5 September. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday is celebrated as Teachers’ Day. It is very important for all of us to know about Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, he was a great teacher as well as a philosopher, scholar and a well-known politician. Apart from this, he also became the first Vice-President and second President of independent India. He was born on 5 September 1888 and in honor of his great personality, Teachers’ Day is celebrated all over the country on the occasion of his birthday.

I am very happy that his contribution to the education system of India is understood by the students all over the country, for which he celebrates this occasion with great enthusiasm. I fully believe that the students of our country are the foundation of our country and with this they must necessarily adopt the views of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

I am very happy to see that the students of our school respect the teachers and respect everything we do. We want our students to be the best by working hard so that they illuminate the name of the school and their families. That is why we do not put any pressure on our students and want them to keep pace with their studies and nature. This is possible only when he participates in other activities such as sports, art, music, drama etc.

The establishment of our school is not yet long, yet we are trying our best to make our school reach the national level, so that the students here will have more pleasure in reading.

Along with this, I am also very happy to tell that we are going to start a dance academy for aspiring students in the school campus. The academy belongs to a well-known dance school where all types of contemporary and traditional dance arts will be taught. Students interested in this subject can get all the information from the management and can fulfill their interests.

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