Truck driver

Truck driver. Also known as a troker or trailero, he is a person who is professionally dedicated to driving trucks to transport loads from one point to another.


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  • 1 Functions
  • 2 Type of Service
  • 3 Emergency repairs
  • 4 Types of trucks
  • 5 Sources


Among its functions are the checking of the state of the load and its adjustment to the measures or weights. Ensures the stability of the load using ropes and ensures its safety along the route. At the destination point you can charge the amount of the freight and in any case. Sometimes, it participates in the work of loading the merchandise at the point of origin and downloading at the destination.

Type of service

Truckers provide an essential service to industrialized societies by transporting raw goods or raw materials in solid or liquid state over land , typically to destinations such as offices, warehouses , residences , production facilities, wholesale and distribution centers. Truckers are also responsible for inspecting their vehicles for mechanical conditions or issues related to their safe operation.

Emergency repairs

Among the urgent repairs that may occur is the change of a flat tire, replacement of light bulbs or fuses or other actions. It communicates via radio with other truckers or with its central office to receive instructions on new shipments or destinations, request information on the state of the road or ask for help. The truck driver is also responsible for the basic maintenance of the vehicle by checking the water , oil and fuel levels and replenishing them when necessary.


Types of trucks

  • Concrete mixer truck
  • Box Truck
  • Stake truck
  • Cylinder truck
  • Fire truck
  • Bottle truck
  • Tanker truck
  • Garbage compactor truck. Truck crane
  • Tractor truck
  • Dump truck
  • Extravial truck
  • Road train
  • Cattle Cage Truck
  • Mosquito truck or car carrier platform
  • Tandem truck

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