Person who distributes letters and mail packages.Mailman . Messenger between an emissary and a receiver when written documents or packages are sent. In previous years, postmen were known as mail or emissaries . They were people who traveled great distances on horseback carrying messages in the form of letters. Currently, postmen use other means of transportation, such as motorcycles or bicycles.


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Before the arrival of the Spaniards, the post service was used that brought news from one Tlatoani or king to another and also courier service. The Aztecs system was truly efficient. On the royal roads some turrets were placed every 10 km. away to make relays, so the messages and the “parcel” that could be food, jewelry, cloth and other objects, arrived more quickly, so much so that Moctezuma received fresh fish daily from the coast of Veracruz .

During the colonial period, postmen were called paunanis or light runners, sometimes they used horses, but their work was never easy, because they were exposed to many assaults.

Between 1579 and 1580 , King Felipe II granted the right to exercise the major mail in New Spain that was established in Yucatan and the first formal post offices were founded in Veracruz , Puebla , Oaxaca , Guerrero and Guanajuato . Afterwards, the post office service and special and diplomatic courier service were added and post offices were created in Aguascalientes, Celaya, Irapuato and other towns.

In 1813 , a monthly mail for the provinces was established and in 1824 the handling of the mail rental was granted to the Ministry of Finance.

Then came the era of modern mail, which already used stamps. The first Mexican postal stamp had the effigy of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.

During the Maximilian Empire, the urban postal service was established, mailboxes were placed and envelopes began to be used and printed forms, brochures and money orders were used.

Although correspondence was speeded up with the railroad and now there are very modern mail systems, the postmen continue to carry out their work, on foot, by bicycle or motorcycle and send the correspondence we all expect to each home.

September 14: Postman Day.

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