hunter is a person who hunts animals by trade, but also for sporting purposes.


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The majority of living beings, carry out the activity of hunting with the objective of feeding to survive in an environment that sometimes presents hostile circumstances and demands food to overcome important obstacles.

In ancient times, man himself took care of the capture of animals to feed. Hunting was a means of subsistence, as were agriculture or livestock .


Major hunt

Currently a hunter has many nuances in which he develops his activity:

  • Professional hunter: Man whose job is to hunt animals for consumption and / or sale of meat, skin or other animal products.

Sports hunter

    • Saddlebag hunter: The one who does not use a shotgun, but with dogs, ties, etc.
    • Major Hunter: Palatial Office, which was exercised by the Montero He was the head of the poultry and falconry .
    • Monterois the person destined for the King’s servitude on the mountain and in the hunts
    • Trapper Hunter ‘: the one who hunts his prey using traps .
  • Sports Hunter ‘: a form of entertainment that can be killing or photographing animals.
  • Hunter soldier: military intended to serve as a light troop, either in companies attached to their regiments or separated, forming bodies by themselves.
  • Poacher: the one who hunts illegally

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