How to Repair Your Truck in SnowRunner: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to repair your truck in SnowRunner and keep it in optimal condition. Follow our comprehensive guide to maximize your off-road adventures.

How to Repair Your Truck in SnowRunner

In “SnowRunner,” repairing trucks is essential to ensure your vehicles are always in optimal condition for tackling the challenging terrain and missions you’ll encounter. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to repair your trucks in the game:

  1. Using Service Trailers or Maintenance Trailers:
    • Find a Service Trailer or Maintenance Trailer on the map. These trailers are equipped with repair supplies.
    • Attach the trailer to your truck.
    • Open the functions menu (the exact button/key depends on your platform; it’s usually displayed in the lower right corner of the screen).
    • Select the “Repair” option.
    • Choose the vehicle you wish to repair (if you have more than one in the vicinity).
    • Allocate the repair points from the trailer to the damaged parts of your truck.
  2. Visiting a Garage:
    • Drive your truck to any garage on the map. Garages are marked with a wrench icon.
    • Enter the garage, and your truck will be automatically repaired and refueled.
    • This method repairs all damage but requires you to drive the damaged vehicle to the garage, which might not always be feasible.
  3. Using the Repair Addon on Another Vehicle:
    • Some vehicles can be equipped with repair addons that allow them to repair other vehicles in the field.
    • Drive the vehicle with the repair addon close to the truck that needs repairing.
    • Open the functions menu.
    • Select the “Repair” option and choose the vehicle and parts you wish to repair.
  4. Calling for Recovery (with penalties):
    • If your vehicle is completely stuck or damaged beyond the ability to reach a garage or use a service trailer, you can recover it to the garage from the map menu.
    • This will fully repair and refuel the vehicle but will return it to the garage, potentially far away from your current objective. It may also incur a cost or penalty, depending on the game’s settings and difficulty level.
  5. Manual Repair (for minor issues):
    • For minor repairs, you might not need a service trailer or garage. Some vehicles come equipped with a limited number of repair points that can be used to fix minor damage without external help.
    • Access this option through the functions menu, similarly to using a service trailer.

Remember, managing your vehicles’ condition is a crucial aspect of “SnowRunner.” Always plan your routes and missions with the availability of repair resources in mind, and consider carrying a repair trailer for long or particularly difficult missions.


Repairing your truck in SnowRunner is an essential skill to master. By locating the nearest Service Hub, investing in maintenance add-ons, utilizing spare parts, and maintaining a proactive maintenance routine, you’ll ensure that your truck remains in optimal condition, allowing you to conquer even the toughest challenges the game throws your way. Remember, a well-maintained truck is the key to a successful off-road adventure in SnowRunner!

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