Dressmaker is a person who is dedicated to manufacturing fashion clothes tailored to their customers on behalf of them. They know about fabrics, body measurements and clothing molds. He knows how to cut and sew with neatness and precision. Some are designers and others copy catalogs.


Dressmakers design, modify, adjust and repair clothing; In this sense, they usually work on their own or for sewing workshops, dry cleaners, shops and clothing factories.

The work done by the seamstresses is usually limited to making adjustments to the clothes so that they are tailored to the client, while the Dressmakers go further, as they also create clothing. Those who perform this trade can work in the design of wedding dresses, bridal gowns, costumes and even in the manufacture of purses and shoes.

Principal functions

The most common functions of a Dressmaker are:

  • Prepare clothing for women.
  • Draw the patterns, cut and sew the fabric.
  • Select and modify patterns according to customer measurements.
  • Being able to decorate the designs.
  • Be able to visualize the way the piece will look once finished.
  • Adjust, modify and repair clothing:
  • Sew hems, repair eyelets, closures and put buttons.
  • Ensure that the measures are appropriate.
  • Work directly with customers:
  • Discuss with customers their needs.
  • Take actions.
  • Ensure compliance with delivery dates.
  • Define the technical specifications of clothing and learn about fabrics, patterns, shapes and colors:
  • Select and test different types of fabrics.
  • Learn about how to make patterns and adjustments.
  • Be up to date with the latest trends and fashion techniques and look for the best quality fabrics.

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