Tips to prevent your Samsung battery

It should be noted that these devices have been designed in order to endure a good day through the use of the battery, it is not normal for it to drain so quickly. It should be understood that if the battery dies even without using the phone it is a sign that something is wrong.

Generally, the battery of these devices are large so their charge should last a long time . Therefore, if they download quickly, you should try to check the phone or perform a series of actions that we will explain below to find the best solution.

Batteries tend to discharge when you need them most, but these discharges are due to some kind of problem with the smartphone. But don’t you know how to solve it? don’t worry, below we will give you some recommendations to improve battery performance.

Steps to follow to prevent your Samsung battery from draining quickly

First you should perform a reboot to the device , generally this method manages to improve the download problem of the Samsung device in a timely manner. But, if this method does not solve the problem and you notice that the phone still downloads quickly without using it, try to inspect the applications.

This simple procedure helps you understand if an application is draining a large part of your battery. All you have to do is go to the “Settings” of your phone and look for the “Battery” session .

Within this section you will see the usage meter where the applications are located, there you will notice which application is consuming most of it.

Also, if you find an application that has made a large consumption but you have not used it, you can uninstall the application. Since it damages the life of your battery and also you do not use it regularly.

In addition, if the application that caused this damage is installed by default, you can “disable or enable” this application. This way you can solve the problem.

Another option that you can try is to disable the location of Play Services, it should be considered that this function shares the information with Maps that you can use online and also performs this procedure to locate the phone in case it is lost.

The battery is a fundamental part of the devices

It should also be mentioned that having a large number of applications within your phone can harm the process of the device when it is open.

Together, the excess discharge can be caused by a wrong configuration in the settings area, which can significantly damage the battery. So by taking these simple steps, your battery life can change and last a good guy .

Similarly, you can take into consideration evaluating the brightness level of your Samsung screen, this also influences. In addition, when the phone is on for a long day, it affects the level of it.

You can also check the gesture activity in the settings and deactivate them, since they are not necessary. Most of these gestures manage to detect the movement that the phone makes.

In turn, users of Samsung devices are recommended to deactivate each of the functions that they are not using at the moment, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Disabling these functions does not mean that they completely drain the battery, but it does so in a moderate way.

You can also install a lightweight launcher on your device , since if you have a custom layer, wear and tear can occur quickly.

Finally, if you try each of these options and the problem with your Samsung still cannot be solved, try changing the battery, since it may have lost its capacity there. In turn, if the phone is still under the warranty period, it will be the manufacturer who must solve this problem.

Finally, we hope that this article has been of help to you, however we would like to know . Could you improve the performance of your Samsung battery? Know more ways to keep your battery from draining so fast? we leave your answers in the comments.


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