How can I access the drive connected to the USB port of my Router

The Router, also called router or router are those devices that have the function of establishing the path for each information packet, shared between two nodes of a network. In addition to connecting computers to each other and allowing access to the internet. And many times, in order to make the connection possible and receive the information; you need to access the drive connected to the router’s USB port.

However, there are home routers that offer basic operations, but also, there are professionals with more advanced functions, and one might think that they are very expensive ; however, this is not the case, they are affordable like a home one and sometimes even cheaper.

The latter is recommended for those parents who need good control of the use of the Internet in relation to children; It is also an option for company managers, who must limit the connection to social networks during working hours.

What are the differences between home and professional routers?

Some differences between the two is that in the professionals, the processor is faster , as well as, it has greater memory capacity, many ports and superior in programming options.

In addition, you can allocate more bandwidth, configure visits on the wireless network , protect the network from unauthorized entries , distribute the load between several Internet provider connections, among others.

 What are the uses of the router’s USB port?

A port designates a connection that makes it possible to both send and receive information ; USB or Universal Serial Bus, is a type of port that serves as a physical interface from which to access different devices; such as mobiles and computers.

This port can be used for different purposes, among them, connecting a 3G or 4G Modem device to obtain the Internet, without the need for an ADSL or fiber optic connection. Also, a printer can be connected to the port, which is very useful.

Because it offers us the possibility of printing from any device that is part of our local network; We only need the router to have a firmware that allows the use of the “print server” service .

Also with the router’s USB port, it can be used as a storage unit , using the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol with which files and printers are shared remotely between nodes on the same network, via FTP.

How can I access the drive connected to the USB port of my Router?

To expose this question, it should be clarified that it will be explained based on a D-Link router, DIR-880L model; This procedure can also be applied in a similar way with the other brands and commercial models.

The first thing is to verify that the USB drive or pendrive is correctly connected to the router’s USB port, then you open the browser and enter the URL in the address bar .

The latter is found on the label located at the base of the router, in this case it will be http: //dlinkrouter.local or; but for other cases the url is usually

Then enter the password , which, if it has not been changed, you must leave the space blank for this case; in other models, the word “admin” is placed for both user and password; then click on “Lon in”.

Now the map with all connected devices appears , we click on the “USB Device” icon and detailed information about the connection and storage of the pendrive will be seen.

We exit the browser and go to the following path : in Windows XP we will go to “Start> Run”, in Windows 7 we go to “Start> All Programs> Accessories> Run” and in Mac we look for the option “Go> Connect to the server ”.

We finish by typing the URL in the dialog box in Windows “\\” or in Mac OSX “smb: //”, and then we press the “Accept” or “Connect” button as appropriate; if they ask us the username and password, we enter the credentials of the router.

To conclude, we can say that connecting a USB drive to our router is useful for storing, viewing and editing common files for all people on the same network; This facilitates our daily activities and avoids duplication of files.

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