Why is my Samsung device battery draining?

The problems that a new Samsung phone can present are unusual, and less with the battery, but when we see that the charging time of the battery of our new mobile is lasting less or failing, there is certainly a problem. It is for this reason that in this article we will explain why my Samsung discharges very quickly without using it and what to do to make the battery last longer.

Mobile devices from the renowned Samsung brand are reputed to have a battery that supports long hours of work before requiring it to be connected to the charger . For this reason it is very likely that if you have this problem with a new computer. The safest thing is that it is some serious damage to the mobile battery.

Why does my Samsung discharge very fast without using it and how to fix the battery so it lasts longer?

But it could also be a problem with the smartphone and it is possible that you can solve it yourself without having to take it for a technical service. Therefore we are going to see what very quick and simple actions we can apply to be able to solve problems with the battery of our Samsung mobile device and thus it can last much longer.


  • Why is my Samsung device battery draining?
  • Other actions you can take to make your battery last longer

Why is my Samsung device battery draining?

There are different reasons or causes that allow your mobile battery to discharge much faster than normal. And sometimes it can be due to some applications that may be consuming much more power than others. And in order to establish which of them is doing this enormous energy expenditure, you have a choice.

To do this, you only have to enter the settings of your Samsung phone, then you must enter the “Battery” section. Once you enter this window, you will see the applications that are consuming your battery power. Each one will show you in percentage how much is the consumption that they are making of it, in this case it could be the WiFi.

When it is active it can consume a lot of power and this will represent at least one of the applications that are causing your battery to discharge more quickly . You can also find Apps that are installed on your device that you are not using, but in the same way it consumes a large part of your energy, it is best to uninstall them.

Other actions you can take to make your battery last longer

For your part, you can apply simple tricks that allow the charging of your Samsung phone to last much longer . One of these tricks is to adjust the brightness of your screen , which can be very high and this would considerably lower the battery percentage. Therefore go into the screen settings and try to minimize the brightness of it as much as possible.

It is also possible that you have many applications installed on your mobile device and some of them work in the background. Something that will inevitably consume the battery level, therefore it is necessary that you detect these applications and stop their activity.

Another action that is highly recommended that you use so that the battery does not discharge so quickly is that you put the Dark Mode or Dark Theme in function . It is a new option that many platforms, direct messages and social networks have implemented. For example, you can activate Google’s dark mode to save battery and also to protect your eyes.

Another excellent recommendation for saving battery power is that while you are not using WiFi and Bluetooth , keep them disconnected. And only activate them when necessary and you will see the difference in battery saving.

If you follow these simple, but effective recommendations that we have presented in this article, you will be able to considerably reduce the drain on the battery of your Samsung mobile device . And if you want to share with us any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to do so through the comment box that we have provided for it.


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