Tips to prevent your internet from crashing during online classes

Currently, and as a result of the pandemic, more and more users have made the Internet connection part of their day to day . And it is that it practically became the main source of safe interaction, whether for social, work, academic or entertainment purposes. Therefore, it is important to have a fast and fluid WiFi connection at home,  and you can help make it so with the following tips.

  1. The cable is better

To have the maximum capacity of the connection that your modem offers you, the ideal is to use the wired connection. So take advantage of this resource so that the internet speed is fast and comfortable in tasks such as video calls, uploading or downloading videos or watching them in streaming.


  1. Find a good place for your router

Experts suggest having the router on a table or shelf, in such a way that it is in a high and central part of the house. The router sends signals in all directions, so placing it in a corner of the house, or near a window, means that a considerable amount of signal is wasted. This can be solved by buying network cables (which are very cheap) and moving the router as far as the center of

  1. Let nothing cover your router

The signal from the router can be absorbed by many materials, so keep it outdoors as much as possible. Avoid being covered by curtains or furniture.

  1. Away from other electronic devices

Likewise, electronic devices such as screens or microwaves can also absorb the WiFi signal . Therefore it is better to keep your distance, large metal objects and water will also obstruct the signal.

  1. Arrange the router antennas

Make sure one is vertical and the other horizontal. The signal from the router propagates in the direction perpendicular to that of the antennas, therefore logic says that vertically oriented antennas will transmit the signal horizontally, covering more of your house. Now, experts say that most laptops have horizontally aligned antennas inside.

  1. Optimize your activities online

There are surely a couple of activities that you do online that you could avoid or at least avoid doing at the same time. Whether you live alone or the other inhabitants of the house occupy the Internet,  a good solution is to make a schedule to manage the activities in which they occupy  WiFi .

  1. Verify that they are not stealing your WiFi signal

A   default password protected WiFi can be hacked quite easily. To avoid this change to a WPA password. To achieve this, you must contact your service provider company.

  1. Check the speed of your Internet connection

Run a speed test under two conditions: over WiFi  and with a computer connected directly to the router via an Ethernet cable. If both are slow, then you should talk to your service provider. But if the WiFi  speed test  is much slower, the router is likely the problem.


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