Google app keeps crashing: how to fix

Have you noticed that lately on your smartphone the Google app keeps interrupting (opening and closing in a few seconds) and you want to understand how to solve the problem? There are several ways to fix this bug which is apparently causing problems especially for Samsung Galaxy S6, S8, Sony Xperia XZ1, LG V30 and many others.

Such episodes have already happened in the past, but this time the problem seems much more serious. Those who search with the Google app get an anomalous down. The Downdetector portal also highlighted the continuous interruption of the app, reporting an important number of reports. The anomaly that does not seem to be resolved even with the restart of the phone, seems to be due to the latest update made available on the Play Store . For now, Big G has not made any statements.


  • Solutions to the error the Google App keeps crashing
    • Clear data and cache
    • Uninstall the updates
    • Update apps on Play Store
    • Deactivate the Google app
    • Revert to the previous version of the Google app
    • Verify that the date and time are correct
    • Uninstall the Google app

Solutions to the error the Google App keeps crashing

Here are a series of steps you can take to prevent this anomalous block that also disturbs the other apps on your smartphone.

1. Clear data and cache

The first solution we recommend is to try to clear the Google app data and cache. To do this, go to your mobile and open the Settings app > Applications> Google . Click on Storage memory and then on Clear cache . Also press on Manage Archives and press on Clear all data to also clear the history and feed settings.

2. Uninstall the updates

If clearing the cache hasn’t paid off, the ideal solution is to uninstall the Google app updates. To do this, open Settings> Applications> Google and press the three vertical dots icon , at the top right. Click on Uninstall updates and that’s it.

3. Update apps on Play Store

The issue could be related to the Android System WebView app . What you need to do is open the Play Store app and click on your profile icon, at the top right. In the menu that appears, select Manage apps and devices and in the next window tap Overview at the top. Awards to refresh all or View details if you want to make updates to the app.

4. Deactivate the Google app

The second step to avoid repeating the error the Google app keeps crashing is to disable the Google app. To do this, go to your phone and open the Settings app > Applications> Google . Press at the bottom on Deactivate and confirm by pressing on Disable application . Restart the phone and try to re-enable the app by pressing Activate this time .

5. Revert to the previous version of the Google app

If clearing the cache didn’t pay off, you can try installing the previous version of the Google app again. Search the ApkMirror website for the apk version of Google of June 11th and install it on your mobile device. Remember that to install an APK file you will need to activate the Unknown Sources option on Android .

6. Verify that the date and time are correct

Another check you can do concerns the date and time of the phone. To do this, open the Settings app > General management> Date and time . Turn off the Automatic date and time option and set the date and time manually. Click on Done and activate the Automatic date and time option again .

7. Uninstall the Google app

It is not the best solution, but trying to uninstall it is a valid solution to be able to get back to work with your phone without continuous crashes or interruptions caused by the Google app . To uninstall it you need to take your phone and open the Play Store app . In the search bar type Google and once found, press it to open it and press the Uninstall button .

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