9 reasons why college students don’t graduate

On some occasions, both parents and young university students believe that it is enough to just finish their degree and they do not know the degree of importance of having a professional degree that supports all the university studies they have. But many times the students do not finish with this last part, and do not graduate. What could be the reasons?

What obstacles do students have in not graduating?

Know the nine main points that lead a university student not to graduate:

  1. They are unaware of the current degree optionsin the institution where they are studying
  2. They do not have adequate supportto advance in the degree option they choose
  3. There are theoretical-methodological difficultiesto integrate knowledge in research
  4. They lack timeor discipline … or both
  5. They have a reflective or argumentative incapacityto make an original, new and different thesis
  6. The universities lack an area of language / linguistics that helps young people to write, to acquire argumentative reading, compression, synthesis and analysis to facilitate a thesis
  7. There are no public speaking workshops to improve public expressionand develop dialogue skills.
  8. The rote learning, where the teacher speaks and the student writes, produces dependence and young people do not learn to investigate
  9. The concept of the thesis(that is, the search for a proposal without prior analysis that allows the student to participate in a discovery) has been perverted . And, today the word thesis means repeating what was already said, or connecting one topic with another.
by Abdullah Sam
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