How to go to college in The Sims 4: College Days

Studies are important to the development of a Sim’s life in The Sims 4 , as the skills that characters acquire allow new actions to be unlocked and promotions can also be achieved at work . However, by gaining the knowledge given by a university in The Sims 4: College Days, the Sims go through a much more advanced and effective stage of learning .

This is why the opportunity to attend college should not be missed . In fact, it is a very fun experience because you can also join clubs, do different types of activities and much more. In our complete guide to The Sims 4 you can find all the information you need to get into a university.

Apply for Scholarship or University Application in The Sims 4

Apply for Scholarships or Places in The Sims 4 Universities

To enter the university it is necessary to “Apply for Scholarships” or “Apply for a Place in Universities” from the mailbox or the computer. After a few days you must go to the computer and enter “University” to “Check the Status of the Placement Application” or “Check the Status of Scholarships . ” Once your applications are approved, if you have chosen scholarships you are given the options with the prices that you can choose, and if you asked for a place application they indicate the characteristics of the universities you can attend, as well as the budget of each one of them.

How to Enroll in College in The Sims 4

Enroll in College in The Sims 4

After receiving the application verification, an approval letter arrives and the option to “Enroll at the University” is unlocked on the computer . When performing this action, a window appears where you have to choose everything about the degree that the character is going to study, so you have to follow the Guide to Enroll in University. The careers that are most recommended for your Sim are marked as “Distinguished Degrees” , these are good options, since they determine progress in the skills or Aspiration you have chosen.

On the other hand, you can choose if you want to study from home, in a house outside the university, or in one of the university accommodations (this option does not allow you to use Build Mode). At the end of the Guide, you get an invoice with all the things you have selected, you can decide whether to pay with the funds of the household or through a student loan.

Go to College Class in The Sims 4

After meeting all the requirements and completing the process properly, your Sim will begin their university life by going to their subjects throughout the semester.

If you want to keep trying new things after finishing college, buying a Restaurant, Veterinary Clinic or Shop in The Sims 4 is an excellent investment if you want to be successful in business.


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