Tips to motivate the student

It is necessary for institutions to encourage students to study, since some have more difficulties in being able to keep their attention focused in the classroom, and thus absorb the applied content.

Therefore, we have separated some tips that can help your student to learn more easily, in an enriching way and even improve your view of the classroom.

Have a good relationship with the student

It is essential that the teacher has a good relationship with the students. This is because, having an approach with the student, it is much easier for him to see the classroom professional as inspiration and admiration, and thus resulting in a greater dedication to studies.

For this approach, it is necessary that the teacher be able to better understand the difficulties of this student, treat each one more closely, have attention, respect, receptivity and patience.

Understand the individuality of each one

Empathy is a word widely used today, and not by chance. It is relevant for social and fundamental contact within the classroom. It is necessary for the teacher to be attentive to identify and solve problems, in addition to finding each particularity of his students. This also helps in a more effective approach.

Apply challenging tasks

Most students do not like to take homework. Therefore, there are a large number of students who end up being in default, or do not perform the task as they should.

To change this scenario, it is interesting that the teacher applies challenging activities, encouraging students to overcome various obstacles. This encourages the student to prove his own ability.

Stimulate this student’s curiosity

It is a great challenge for the teacher to be able to arouse his student’s curiosity about a specific subject. When the professional is able to meet this challenge, students end up being curious and thus seek to know more about the subject.
This curiosity can also benefit when discussing and overcoming difficulties.

It is also interesting that the student is increasingly encouraged to read. So that, the student has his mind more and more focused on a certain subject.

The teacher can also contextualize in class, so that the class becomes more interesting. Therefore, the teacher can tell stories and share experiences on the subject being discussed in the classroom.

Use technology to your advantage

Nowadays, technology is present at all times, and can be part of the classroom, and even at home. Indicate tasks and content that can be applied at home and the student finds interesting.

Use videos, images and other technological resources so that students are more likely to have their attention focused on the subject to be addressed.

A few more short tips that can make all the difference between student and teacher:

  • Take breaks instead of exposing the entire lesson content at once;
  • Organize certain phrases and ideas specific to your message so that they are remembered;
  • Try to differentiate intonations and volume from what you say. Have a flashy speech!


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