How to teach an interactive class and attract the student?

In the case of higher education, the problem still persists, because regardless of an individual’s age and purpose, the teacher must have artifices to keep the student connected throughout the class period.

The university still has one more difficulty. This is because the student who is in higher education often works, already has many financial and family responsibilities, and arrives in class tired mentally and physically. Therefore, the difficulty of helping this student to absorb the entire content of the class is even greater.

How can I make my class more interesting for this student?

Technology, today, is one of the best devices for the teacher to keep the student’s attention both during class time and as a support material so that this student can study at home.

For example, the teacher can either produce material in video class, or use support references already available on the internet from experts on the subject.

Online exercises also help the student to fix the proposed material in class. Thus, the teacher can provide activities that use video, interactive images, among other devices.

Can I get out of the pattern?

Every teacher can put some of his personality in the classroom, without losing focus on the course proposal. This means that everything is allowed, when there is a purpose.

Want to use music to show something about the material? Movies? Animated videos? among other audiovisual materials? Yes!

Best of all, most students end up becoming more interested in the subject, and in addition to going more excited for class they also end up becoming more interested in the subject on their own.

Bring students closer together.

Finally, allowing the class to be more interactive among the students themselves can also be interesting.

Conducting group activities, both inside the classroom and outside, can be an excellent incentive for the student to have more pleasure in attending classes and still continue a healthy discussion on the topic of the class with classmates.


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