What is the difference between Pedagogy and Pedagogical Complements

Unlike the traditional 4-year degree, the complementary degree lasts only 7 months, as it is intended for those who already have a higher education as a bachelor or technologist and can act as a teacher with their degree together with the pedagogical complement complementary degree.

Despite being very complete, the short-term degree is not a postgraduate course, since those who graduate in this modality can teach only for elementary, high school or professional education. Different from the Licenciatura, which is considered an academic graduation of higher education.

How does the complementary degree by R2 work?

The complementary degree offered by R2 is concerned with providing a complete course and training qualified teachers. Therefore, before the student enrolls, prepared professionals perform an analysis of the history of this student’s graduation, to verify how many hours he had in the graduation of the subject he intends to teach. This means that they will check the student profile of this possible student and the subjects he can teach, based on what he has seen in his graduation.

In R2, the complementary course has the standard of 7 months and manages to provide the student with an intensive course of preparation and necessary knowledge, so that he can masterfully start the role of teacher.

Why choose a complementary degree?

The complementary degree is an incentive from the government to train more teachers for basic education, since there is a deficiency in this market. This means that if you are a professional who loves to teach, or feel the need to change areas and already have a degree, opting for pedagogical complementation in 7 months can be an excellent option.

Why choose R2 for the pedagogical complementation course?

At R2 the student finds highly qualified teachers (doctors and masters), experienced and with reference in the market, complete curriculum structure, with internship, individual and group works, which involve the application of what was taught during the course, bimonthly classes, activities complementary and pedagogical support throughout the course.

The graduating student receives certification recognized by the MEC, which makes it possible to become a teacher in an area related to their higher education training and participate in public positions. In addition to offering a great physical structure, with comfort, accessibility, coffee break and excellent location. Come and meet us!


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