Psychological tips for the first-year student

Entering the first year of any educational institution, a person enters a completely new environment where he or she has to adapt literally from the first days of study. During the years of study, the young person is determined with the way of life, gets a specialty, which will be a prerequisite for future work. Therefore, it is very important to get into the right rhythm of work from the first days of study, and then feel only the positive emotions of university life.

In order to increase social success and reduce the period of adaptation a first-year student should be guided by the following principles:


At the beginning of your arrival to a new team, the first impression about you is formed. According to numerous psychological studies, the first impression is formed quickly: from 10 to 40 seconds and has a strong influence on the entire subsequent attitude towards you. If the first impression is favorable, it will be easier to work in a team. If you are tense and unfriendly, the team will have a similar image of you.

Show kindness, tolerance, have a sense of humor

Try not to pay attention to someone’s quip, turn everything into a joke

Learn to take notes as quickly as possible

It is not difficult, the main thing is to develop a system of symbols and abbreviations understandable to you. Write all the symbols, along with a transcript, on the back of your notebook cover. When taking notes, do not save on paper. Leave spaces in your notebook for additional notes. Remember that a lecture is not dictation, so you do not need to take notes exactly as the lecturer says. The main thing is to highlight the most important points and understand the main points of the topic, so that when you do your homework you do not have to think who will write an essay for me by Essayassistant not to get a bad grade Record the lecture in the form of talking points.

Don’t get upset if you don’t get it right away. Taking notes is a special science that requires practice. If you feel that you are hopelessly behind, leave some free space in your notebook. Perhaps others will have time to write it all down, and after the lecture you will copy from them, filling in the gaps.

At times of high anxiety, defuse it

with the help of physical exercise. Jogging, long walks, oriental practices, and swimming are especially appropriate. Serious overexertion should be avoided. If anxiety is chronic, keep a diary, detailing your condition and the ways it helped you feel better. Reread the diary, making sure that anxiety is like a wave: the tide is always followed by the ebb.

In order to increase learning motivation, develop willpower

Willpower should be trained with the help of physical exercises. The most effective way is as follows: every day at the same time do 10 minutes of intensive physical exercises. Moreover, from the second week, it is necessary to increase the time to 11 minutes, from the third week to 12 and so increase to 17 minutes. By the 8th week, you will get used to it, and you will be able to develop your willpower.

Find common ground with new teachers

There are many of them and they all have different requirements. But the teachers have one thing in common: a successful student = independent and responsible.

Don’t get lost

In the first days and even weeks of school you are likely to feel confused or even depressed – everything around you is unfamiliar, there are a lot of people, no one cares about you. This is an unpleasant but completely normal condition, associated with adapting to a new environment, which will pass very soon. But as long as you are poorly versed in the intricacies of corridors and numbered classrooms, make it a rule to leave the dorm (home) 10-15 minutes earlier than the time required to get to university. First, you won’t be late for your first class, and second, you won’t be unnecessarily nervous.

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