Tips to be a successful salesperson

Being a successful salesperson requires patience, skills and a lot of study, after all the market is increasingly competitive and dynamic. However, anyone who thinks that the best salespeople were born with a “gift” is wrong. According to the American Joe Girard, the greatest salesman of all time, this is nothing but bullshit.

Author of one of the best-selling books on the subject “How to Sell Anything to Anyone”, Girard fell from a parachute into the world of sales and even so he became the greatest salesman of all time, creating methods that are still used today .

Selling is dedication, determination and knowledge put into practice. With that in mind, we’ve selected some important tips that will help you be a successful salesperson.

Pay attention to customer prospecting

Prospecting is the first and most important step for someone to prove they can be a successful salesperson. It is one of the fundamental sales steps to maintain a company’s competitiveness and development.

According to Maurício Ramos, Goedert’s commercial director: “Prospecting boosts sales and also maintains customer stability, guaranteeing an average or a greater number of purchases each month”.

To succeed in this task, set goals and objectives. You can define a specific number of contacts to be made daily. In addition, set personal goals for new sales and your commission amounts. The results will act as motivation in prospecting customers.

Of course, in prospecting you will also encounter difficulties: the lack of time and the rejection of customers, for example. The important thing is not to be discouraged and take these experiences as learning.

Cultivate attitudes of a successful salesperson

The attitudes we choose are one of the main reasons for achieving professional success. In the sales area, you need to cultivate some characteristics considered essential to be a successful salesperson.

Persistence, for example, is one of the most important. Prepare to hear many “no’s”, but keep your goal unshakable.

Ambition is another essential characteristic of a successful salesperson. Have personal goals. Look for more than the company asks for you. People without ambition are unlikely to be successful in sales.

In order to achieve the desired results, you need to include these and other attitudes of a successful salesperson in your professional routine .

Keep organization

Often, due to the accelerated routine, between goals and commitments to be fulfilled, sales professionals end up missing business opportunities. In this context, the organization becomes an ally of the successful salesperson.

Keep your calendar and contact information organized. Be punctual when fulfilling your commitments and always be well prepared to meet the demands of your customers and those with whom you are negotiating.

Remember that an organized salesperson tends to have more information about his customers and prospects. Through the organization, you will be able to maintain a speech based on the benefits identified by your customers and be in tune with each one of them.

Work after-sales

Every salesperson should be concerned with after-sales, looking for ways to report to customers and build customer loyalty. By maintaining good customer service after the purchase is closed, you demonstrate to the customer how important it is to your company and increase your chances of making it recurring.

For Joe Girard, the greatest seller in history, the most important thing in the sale was not just signing the contract, but providing the customer with an efficient after-sales service that sought to retain the buyer. This generated personalized service, studying the profile of prospects and making sure that the customer never forgot.

Make sure your customer information is always up to date. Keep in touch with them, via email, social networks and telephone, seeking to meet them and understand their needs. These data will be useful in preparing your speech on future purchases, in addition to showing the company’s seriousness and commitment to its customers.

Seek improvement

The successful salesperson is one who is always looking to learn. In the sales area, professional improvement is essential, both in terms of knowledge of the products and services offered by the company, as well as in sales techniques and skills.

There are several courses that can help in this process of improving the seller. Search for sales information on blogs, download materials that expand your knowledge of the subject, read more books.

Another key aspect for a successful salesperson is the ability to observe. Be attentive to your co-workers, noting which positive points can be added in your professional performance.


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