What Makes A Successful Podcast

What Makes A Successful Podcast.Podcasts have become a very important means of communication on the internet that, knowing how to use it well, makes your business grow.The world of podcasting is beginning to take center stage with the arrival of the Google Home,Amazon Echo and other smart speakers in the home. For this reason, it is crucial that you know how to take advantage of the opportunities of the not so distant future and that you know how to make a successful , attractive and quality podcast for your audience.

What Makes A Successful Podcast

What Makes A Successful Podcast

  1. 10 great tips to make a successful podcast
  2. What is a podcast?
  3. How to create a successful podcast?
    1. 1. Choose a topic for the podcast
    2. 2. Define the podcast participants
    3. 3. Plan the content
    4. 4. Manage time
    5. 5. Ask your listeners for feedback
    6. 6. Vocal preparation
    7. 7. Order the equipment to record
    8. 8. Edit the podcast
    9. 9. Publish your podcast
    10. 10. Publicize your podcast
  4. Program Notes

10 great tips What Makes A Successful Podcast

But before you know anything about smart speakers, I think the smart thing to do is start at the beginning. Because you may not yet know very well what a podcast is and what benefits podcasting offers you .

What is a podcast?

What Makes A Successful Podcast



To know how to create a podcast, you must first know what this type of content or online communication consists of . They are simply audio files that work like a kind of digital radio, that is, they are possible thanks to the Internet.

There are a multitude of content formats in which images, videos or texts are used. The podcast are created to be heard , and this facilitates a person to access the content while performing other activity.

They can be a perfect format in which to show your audience your skills in a way that is attractive to them or you can broadcast debates, conferences or make programs on topics of interest to your target audience . This format is very practical and some teachers favor it for their online classes .Today you live very fast and you hardly have free time. This format to consume content is perfect for your audience to listen to you while you perform a routine action or practice sports .

How to create a successful podcast?

What Makes A Successful Podcast

Surely now you are more convinced that your followers are going to love that you decide on this communication format.

Creating a podcast is not complicated , but to give you an idea of ​​how to make it from scratch, follow the step by step that we have designed especially for you.

1. Choose a topic for the podcast

First you must choose the topic you are going to talk about . You can’t just share all your knowledge. It is more interesting for your audience that you focus on a topic and that you go through it so that they receive valuable content.

It is not convenient to cover many topics in a single podcast , as that can be exhausting and confusing for your audience. It is better that you make several files and classify them by categories.

2. Define the podcast participants

If you want it to be interesting and dynamic, invite people of authority  to join you and share their knowledge with your listeners.

For these occasions you can prepare the podcast in a debate, interview format or from a didactic point in which the invited person gives  a master class on the selected topic

3. Plan the content

It is convenient that before recording you prepare a rundown or a very simple script of how you are going to approach the session.

No one is safe from going blank , so the quality of your content can be compromised.

In the script you can write down information such as statistical data that you cannot memorize, names of institutions, authors or books that you want to mention or a simple outline of the main topics that you are going to discuss.

4. Manage time

Set the time limits very well. Analyze each program and check its duration.

You must maintain the interest of the listeners in the long term, so you have to dedicate adequate time to each story and not go over or fall short.

5. Ask your listeners for feedback

Ask your audience for feedback so you can strike the right balance.

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6. Vocal preparation

As online communication will be done through an audio file, users must understand you perfectly.

It is important that your guest’s diction and, of course, yours are impeccable. It is also important to regulate the tone of voice correctly.

Remember that you should not speak too fast or too slowly. He speaks fluently , confidently and, above all, calmness .

7. Order the equipment to record

Producing a podcast does not require many tools or a large financial investment. It is necessary to have a good microphone so that it captures the audio well and you can communicate with quality.

You must pay attention to the place chosen to make the recording, since the environment must be silent and not have interferences.

If you record your podcast outdoors, your footage may be compromised. A good place to record is at home in a room away from the street.

To ensure the sequence of the podcast and avoid doing a lot of editing work, order everything you will need so you do not have to pause

8. Edit the podcast

In order for your audience to receive the podcast with a professional look, you will need to edit it . Even if you choose a quiet environment, it is common for audio unevenness or unwanted sounds to occur in the recording.

For the material to be perfect you have to correct these small details.

It is important that the voices are balanced . In editing, you can also delete unnecessary parts, long pauses, moments in which mistakes are made or include soundtracks that make the story more bearable, always remembering that the little is liked and the much tiresome.

Choose rhythms according to the main theme of the podcast  and that serve to create a context for the listeners.

9. Publish your podcast

After editing, it is time for you to publish it on a specific platform .

There are several platforms where you can post whether you are a professional or an ‘amateur’. Some have the necessary tools to share it or a statistics analysis service .

Normally, to be able to use them, you just have to create an account, fill in the data and send the feed .

10. Publicize your podcast

For you to disseminate the content, you have to take into account which channels your target audience uses. Otherwise, you will never reach your desired audience.

You can use your YouTube channel , social networks or your blog so that more people can access your podcast .

Messages must be attractive and show the benefits of your content being heard . A good strategy can be to extract a fragment of the content and disseminate it to create curiosity and that they want to listen to it

In short, the podcasting is an excellent tool for you to communicate with your audience and offer valuable content. Now you have no excuse not to launch yourself into creating a successful podcast .

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