For the most up-to-date Career Advice colleagues, we are sure that fellow readers must have heard the word ‘podcast’. Is it right? Then, what is meant by podcast? In short, a podcast is a recording that discusses useful things that are very useful for our daily lives. Many people think that a podcast is the same as a radio. However, in reality podcasts and radio have differences.


Indeed, the two are almost similar. The similarity between the two can be concluded because podcasts and radio can be heard audio. Yep! although now there are also many podcasts in the form of videos.


But a podcast is a recording, whereas a radio is not a recording. Podcasts are very useful for our daily lives. We can add insight very easily, without having to read a thick book or come to class to study.


Especially if we live in big cities filled with traffic every day. For example, the city of Jakarta, which has never escaped congestion, we can easily turn on podcasts related to the topic we want to learn and listen to while stuck in traffic.


There are various topics discussed in the podcast. We can listen to podcasts related to leadership , management , business, startup , and so on. Uniquely, podcasting has also been considered as a way for someone to listen to their voices many times, because of the podcast recordings they do.


Apparently not only that! Today, many business people think that podcasts are the newest way to expand their business networks . More and more people are switching from the radio to listening to podcasts.


Why? Because when we listen to podcasts, we will avoid advertising, promotions, and other conversations that have no connection whatsoever to the topic we want to listen to.


In other words, expanding business networks through our recordings on podcasts is an inexpensive and effective way. For example, we can give some tips on how to lose weight fast but healthy. At the end of the tips that we submit, enter a few promotional sentences that we sell products that can help consumers to lose their weight. Of course, it will be effective if accompanied by powerful tips that we have conveyed before.


Now in this article, we will prove that podcasts are the newest way to expand business networks that are very up to date. Let’s look at some of the evidence below.


1. Podcasts Help Us Review Hearing Traffic.

Usually, listeners of each podcast always look for podcast websites that are related to the content and discussion topics they want to hear and learn. We can also review the podcast traffic that we make, so that we can find out whether many listeners are interested in our podcast content? Or, is our audience still fairly minimal?


When we know that our podcast has many listeners, we can easily build close relationships between our listeners and us. How? Record more podcasts, and of course those that are still related to content that has been liked by previous listeners.


2. Podcasts Can Provide Additional Revenue.

Most people who listen to podcasts are not just people. Sure enough, some people might just be just fiddling to listen to a podcast. However, more serious people enter the podcast and broaden their horizons by listening to the podcast.


If your Career Advice colleagues can provide great tips that attract the attention of listeners to always visit your podcast, then fellow readers can gain additional income from the activity of fellow readers on the podcast. Interesting right?


3. Podcasts Are a Great Way to Introduce Our Product Brand.

When Career Advice colleagues are able to provide useful information, insights or tips which are then liked by many listeners, this is a golden opportunity for fellow readers to be able to promote your product brand to the general public, especially to podcast listeners.


Another advantage, if your fellow reader is an introvert or is shy enough to introduce your product through video recordings, then podcast recordings are really suitable and effective for your fellow readers.


4. Podcasts Help Us Promote Products at Affordable Prices.

Without having to pay expensive fees to shoot or hire an advertising agency to make our products and services famous, we can already promote our products and services through podcasts. We think this is more efficient than paying expensive advertising agencies to promote our merchandise.


5. Podcasts Can Help Promote Products to the Right Target.

As we discussed earlier, it is very rare for listeners to listen to podcasts just to play. Even if there is, it might be very rare. That’s why podcasts can be the right tools to help us promote our products to the targets we want.


For example, our target buyers are young business people or executives, so we can provide podcast content related to business and offer products and services that can support the development of their business.


From the 5 points above, it can already be proven that podcast is the newest efficient way to expand our business network? We may not be able to depend entirely on podcasts to make our products and services popular and accepted by the public. However, at least podcasts can help us in this regard.



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