The importance of the virtual environment in the relationship with the client

We know that a good relationship with the customer is a fundamental part of running a company. After all, it assists in sales, helps maintain a bond with consumers and makes them keep thinking about your company for future purchases. In addition to, of course, acting as a disclosure of your brand – because satisfied customers tend to refer your business to other people.

A good relationship with the customer can be built in several ways, but the main step is to get to know your customer. Today, thanks to digital media, it is much easier to get to know your audience, understand their interests and what is the most accurate way to communicate with them.

In addition, social networks have also become a great platform where customers can express their opinions about a products / services – whether positive or negative -, go after information and connect with their values.

Keep reading and understand a little more about the importance of the virtual environment for companies and check out some tips to have a good relationship with the customer.

After all, what is the importance of digital media in the relationship with the customer?

According to a 2018 survey by TIC Domicilios, internet use in Brazil is growing and 70% of the population is already connected. This opens doors to new possibilities and sales strategies within companies.

The main fact is that, thanks to digital media, companies’ communication with their customers has never been as intense as it is now. Opening doors to speak directly with those who consume your product or service and, among other things, giving the public an immediate return was what made these channels indispensable for any company that seeks to grow and establish itself in the market.

Finally, we also see that social networks help the growth of companies because they still help in the propagation of a message, image and all the content presented by a brand on its official channel.

Check out the advantages of maintaining a good relationship with the client in the virtual environment:


The presence of information about your products or services on websites and social networks, reduces the degree of consumer insecurity about them. That’s because we tend to be afraid of what is unknown. But when the customer makes the purchase already knowing how it works, ways to use it and even being able to see complaints and solutions suggested to other customers, this makes them feel more secure and comfortable with that company.

So prepare your website with the description of the products, images, videos, explanatory texts, reviews, recommendations and other data that help the person to better understand about the items and choose which best suits his needs.

At this point, it is also important to create a page about your store, conveying your values ​​and your business mission to customers. This prior information favors customer loyalty and increases their confidence in the brand.

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The internet, in general, allows us to be present in different places at all times. Unlike the physical environment, where the customer would need to be in the store to see the products or even ask questions, the internet provides us with paths that allow us to do this at any time – whether through websites, emails or social networks.

But for this feature key to be used well, first of all, it is necessary that your company has the proper support within these networks. It is important to be connected and always willing to serve the customer in the best possible way within all platforms.

As it is a relationship developed through a store interface, without actually having direct contact between the parties involved, entrepreneurs have been investing more time and money in tools for online communication with their customers, such as chats within the store to clarification of doubts, sending e-mails to update order status and / or with promotions relevant to the profile of each consumer, in addition to bonuses such as points systems and discount coupons. This all serves to attract the attention of the customer, in addition to establishing trust and a good view of your brand.

In addition, making your brand present on social networks through profiles, channels or pages brings your brand closer to the customer, allowing more informal contact with the public and contributing to the promotion of the brand and products daily through posts.

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