How to publish a podcast in Blogspot?

The services that support Blogspot come from Google . It is one of the platforms that takes the initiative to create and maintain them, but also to give itself the task of giving the possibility to upload content, such as a podcast . Whenever we record an episode and upload it, it is sent to a server where it is hosted and the information is saved.

This information is protected by Google security and is accessible via links, which allow us to publish it as podcast segments or episodes. And users can sign up and start enjoying the content we’ve created.

With the above in mind, you are likely to have a good blog , where you want to add multimedia content of different types, such as a podcast . Then, we’ll give you step-by-step how to post a podcast, as well as some little tips so it can reach more people than expected.

Step 1: Enter the settings

In our account section, either or Blogspot . com, click on ” Settings “.

Step 2: Choose the format

Several options will appear, but the ones that matter to us, is what is called ” Format “. We click on it.

Step 3: Show linked fields

It will show us a menu, in which we must select the option ” Yes ” in ” Show linked fields “.

Step 4: Save your changes

When finished, select our preference settings. At the bottom of the page, we click on ” Save settings “.

Step 5: Select the feed

You have to click on ” Feed “. This option is at the top of the site.

Step 6: Grant feed permissions

Then, in the menu that appears, you have to click on “Allow blog feed” and select to accept, the button called ” Complete “.

Step 7: Save the configuration

Upon completion of all changes. Go ahead and click on ” Save settings “.

Step 8: Start creating your podcast

In the upper left corner, there is an option called ” Publish “, which we click on. Then, you will create a page to fill with content, such as the composition of the central message, the title and the body of the work.

Step 9: Add a link to your podcast

To attach links, you need to click on ” Add Attachment Link “.

Step 10: Enter the main file for the podcast

You need to enter your podcast file in the URL field, ie on the web. For example, it might look like this: “”. This file must be hosted on a private server and allow linking to the file, as Blogspot does not allow files to be saved. Then, enter the URL, review the selected file and complete the “ MIME type” field and place it automatically.

Steps 11: Save the complete podcast

To upload the podcast , click Publish Entry and it will be saved automatically.

Step 12: Share your content

Have fun and invite your acquaintances to read, listen or watch your podcasts , subscribe and receive your podcasts every time you publish them.

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