When we wake up at night or cannot sleep, we try remedies that help us rest, such as taking infusions to sleep well or practicing relaxation techniques, among others. However, when the cause of these sleepless nights is a nightmare, things are very different and little or nothing can do these tips. If you are one of those who suffer from nighttime fears with some frequency, take note of the following tips to know how to avoid nightmares .

What is a nightmare?

Before facing nightmares, it is necessary to know what they are and what their origin is. You should know that a nightmare is a dream that causes negative feelings, such as fear or anxiety. Such is the discomfort it causes that makes you wake up. And although they are always usually related to children, although they tend to suffer more from night terrors than nightmares, the truth is that they can appear at any age.

Tricks to avoid nightmares

If you are going through a bad personal or professional moment, you are nervous, stressed, you have suffered a traumatic episode, it is normal that you suffer nightmares occasionally. If this is your case, you have no reason to fear and with the following tips you can avoid nightmares:

  • Relax before going to sleep and stick to a routine . To go to bed relaxed it is important that you have previously carried out activities that help you slow down the fast pace of the day. Listening to some music, watching TV, or reading in bed can help. In addition, it is important that you do this on a daily basis and at the same time, so that your brain and body prepare for rest.
  • Light dinners: It is not highly recommended to go to sleep with a very full stomach, this is because food contains different energy values ​​and in turn increases brain activity.
  • Put the mobile in airplane mode : The invisible pollution of mobile phones and Wi-Fi makes it difficult to fall asleep and its quality, hence there may also be more nightmares than desired.
  • Burn the nightmares : If you have a recurring nightmare, write it down on a piece of paper and then throw it away or burn it. This activity is called dream therapy and it is a very recurrent activity in psychology and its objective is to bring to reality something that is intangible and you want it to stop being somewhere in your head.

And if your child suffers from nightmares or night terrors:

  • Keep calm. If your child has woken up startled and crying, you have to stay calm and pass it on.
  • Try to get him to tell you what scares him: Ask him what he has dreamed of and remind him that nothing bad is going to happen to him. You have to feel safe.
  • Let him sleep with his favorite toy: be it a stuffed animal, a car …

Anything that makes you feel accompanied. You can also try leaving your bedroom door open and even using a nightlight.

However, if this does not work and the nightmares are almost daily, prevent you from resting properly and this interferes with your performance during the day, you will probably need medical help.

If this is the case, the specialist, after evaluating you – may even prescribe a nighttime sleep study (polysomnography) – may prescribe a drug treatment with the aim of solving the problem.


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