The peas are some of the foods that we consume in our Mediterranean diet because they are quick and easy to make and that is a common ingredient in stews, rarely are aware of their nutritional value. Willing to give them the place they deserve, today we are going to reveal to you the properties of peas and their benefits for our health.

Properties of peas

Although there is a belief that peas are a vegetable, they are a legume. And unlike others, such as chickpeas or lentils, it is one of the ones with the lowest caloric intake. With the scale in hand, a serving of 100 grams of peas contains only 80 calories. Therefore, it can be said that peas are great to include in the diet of all those who have overweight problems or are following a diet to lose weight for the summer.

Another of the properties of peas is that they are very rich in protein , very necessary for muscle development. So, if you are an athlete or have young children, don’t forget to add a handful of this legume to your stews. In addition, if you combine it with a cereal, such as Oats, its nutritional properties multiply.

As with the rest of the legumes, one of the benefits of peas is its high capacity to regulate intestinal transit and combat constipation problems, due to its high percentage of fiber .

It is also rich in minerals such as potassium, essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system; phosphorus and calcium, essential for the formation of bones and teeth; magnesium, with anti-inflammatory effects; sodium, essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system and iron, responsible for producing hemoglobin and myoglobin, proteins responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood.

And, of course, the vitamin content of peas is also remarkable. Among them we find vitamin C, niacin or B3, folate or B9, thiamine or B1, pyridoxine or B6 and vitamin A.

Peas benefits

How could it be otherwise, all the properties of peas translate into countless health benefits. However, there is one that stands out above all the others, and that is that peas are especially recommended for those who suffer from heart ailments, since it is a legume that improves blood circulation due to its vasodilator action.

It also regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels , which is especially recommended for type II diabetics.

For their rich and varied nutritional value, peas are especially beneficial for children, pregnant women, and the stages of lactation and old age.

And for the most flirtatious, if you want to show off your luminous skin, tough nails and vigorous hair, don’t hesitate to add peas to your favorite dishes. You will notice the difference!

In addition, being a legume, peas are a common food in the diet of vegetarians. Do you want to discover some very easy vegan recipes where you can incorporate them?


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