Good blood circulation is key to a healthy heart. For that reason, the best way to prevent cardiovascular problems in the future is to take care of it. But do you know how to do it? You will find the answer in following a healthy diet and exercising frequently. To learn how to improve circulation we give you some tips:

Foods to improve circulation

Take lots of vitamin C

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and also helps reduce hypertension and cholesterol, making it an excellent ally for the heart to beat strongly. As if that weren’t enough, vitamin C helps purify the body by eliminating toxins and preventing fluid retention. The foods richest in this vitamin are lemon , orange , strawberry, kiwi, broccoli and red peppers, among others.


The Garlic has anticoagulant and vasodilatory properties, which help blood flow the better. At the same time, it protects the heart and arteries, giving them greater flexibility.

Take tomato

Tomatoes contain a substance called lycopene, an antioxidant that stimulates circulation and contributes to healthy veins and arteries, thus preventing heart problems. This substance is also found in watermelon and cantaloupe.


This dried fruit is a classic for improving nutrition thanks to its high level of vitamin B, which promotes blood circulation. In addition, they contain fatty acids that lower cholesterol and inflammation in the circulatory system. You can take it in different ways: take it alone, in salad, in stews or even in liquid format.

And water…

Drinking water and keeping the body hydrated is essential for blood circulation to flow normally. In addition to this, drinking two liters of water a day helps eliminate toxins in the blood and promotes digestion.

Exercises to improve circulation

But improving blood circulation is not only achieved by eating a healthy diet and taking the right foods for it. Also doing physical exercise is another key for your heart to be in top shape.

In this sense, the best activity is to walk for half an hour a day at a light pace. In this way, the leg muscles are exercised helping to promote blood flow and also the vessels.

Riding a bike also helps keep your legs light. And if you don’t have a bike or time to ride it, try cycling in the air with your legs for several minutes a day. You can combine this exercise by doing the scissors or twisting movements.

As you already know, excess weight can be one of the factors that cause a greater number of heart diseases. Therefore, the best way to take care of the heart is by losing weight and what better way than doing sports. Take note of the sports with which you will burn the most calories .


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