Tip: Always look stylish in office

We spend many hours of the day in the office, so it is important that we keep ourselves to date for the whole day. We meet many types of people in the office, which can prove to be very important for our career, but on the other hand we also have to take care of our comfort. Because if we do not feel comfortable, then we will not remain confident nor full of refreshment, so we have to take care of comfort along with making our dress stylish. Let’s talk about some tips that will help us look stylish in the office.

Take care of clothes like this

You should take care of the clothes worn in the office in a special way. Always wear clothes in the office that keep you ready for any situation, such as an interview or conference. If you consider Pune’s renowned designer Komal Joshi, you should also keep in mind the trend while preparing office clothes. If you like wearing skirts, you can wear pencil skirts or full length a line skirts. Also you can wear formal shirt with shrug or soft jacket. If you like wearing jeans, then choose the color according to the office. If you want you can choose black, navy blue or light colored trousers.

What not to do

Before purchasing clothes, make sure that these clothes are not of bright colors. Also, big and gorgeous prints can spoil your look in the office. Clothes should not be too tight, nor too loose. Because they will not make you feel comfortable and ruin your look.

Accessories are unique

You can wear trendy earrings if you want

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If you want to look away from other people, then buy unique design jewelry. Keep in mind that you do not take heavy and flashy jewelery, but buy small and unique design jewelery. If you want, you can wear trendy earrings or just use the trendy office choker around your neck. If you want, you can wear a simple and delicately bracelet in your hands.

What not to do

Keep in mind that or wear only bran, or just earrings. The use of necklace around the neck with heavy earrings can spoil your look. Also, do not wear bangles with too many bangles or watch in your hands


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