How and when to change the tip of our Apple Pencil

With the Apple Pencil we can write and draw on our iPad as if it were a paper and a pencil. This level of quality in the experience is supported, among others, by the tip of the pencil itself, which must be sensitive to touch, but not too soft. A tip that, with use, we will need to change . Let’s talk about it.

When should we change the tip of our Apple Pencil?

We can change the tip of our Apple Pencil whenever we consider that the experience it offers us is far from what we got when it was new. Keep in mind, however, that the tip is not the only variable if your pencil fails for some reason. Thus, we will be guided by three main indicators:

  • The tip is scratchy to the touch:If you run your finger over the tip of the Apple Pencil and notice that it is scratchy or that it is breaking down, it is time to change it.
  • The Apple Pencil responds randomly:If with the Apple Pencil charged and with the connection working properly we notice that it takes more than one touch on the screen for the system to respond, especially if this situation is random, we should consider a change.
  • You see visual damage to the tip:If you see actual damage to the tip of the Apple Pencil, such as the tip being noticeably crooked, out of shape, or badly worn.

How we should change the tip to our Apple Pencil

Still no trace of the Apple Pencil 3 , with the first generation Apple Pencil Apple provided a replacement tip that we may have saved . This tip is also compatible with the second generation Apple Pencil, so it is always a good idea to check if we have spare parts at home before going to the store. If not, we can get hold of the pack of four tips that Apple sells for 25 euros both in the Apple Store and online.

Changing the tip is as easy as unscrewing it, perhaps with the help of a small cloth to have a little more grip, and screwing the new one back on. Make sure you tighten the new tip enough, but don’t overdo the applied force either.

Is the Apple Pencil worth it? This is my experience after three years of use

And that’s it. A simple change in the tip of our Apple Pencil will lead us to enjoy the pencil as the first day we released it. Just as we would sharpen a pencil , our Apple Pencil will benefit, and so will we, from having the tip in the best condition.

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