IPad games that use the Apple Pencil

Let’s face it, mobile gaming has gotten really nasty lately. This applies to both tablets and smartphones. To find something really worthwhile, sometimes you have to spend more than one hour in the App Store. Apple seems to understand this, even offers us Apple Arcade , but in fact, everything remains the same . Not so long ago, I bought myself an Apple Pencil and decided that I would squeeze all the juice out of it. Today we’ll talk about games in which a smart pencil can come in handy.

What to play on iPad.

Since childhood, I have only played on the phone. I don’t know why it happened. Maybe because it was banally more convenient or because I never had money for a laptop. I remember how in the era of Symbian OS we were fighting with the guys at recess. That was the time.

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Then for many years I did not play at all: career, business, tenders, government purchases – well, you know. And now just a little bit of time has been freed up, life has become freer, so I decided to take up the old again. I just started playing not on a smartphone, but on a tablet. By the way, I already talked about it in previous articles. Plus, I also bought myself an Apple Pencil to make it even more comfortable to play.


  • 1Best strategy game on iOS and iPadOS
  • 2Top game on iPad
  • 3Game on iPad with good graphics
  • 4Ported game to iOS

Best strategy game on iOS and iPadOS

Fate brought me to the Clash of Clans a long time ago. I remember wandering the App Store for a long time in search of adequate strategies. So we met. In the game, you are invited to play the role of the leader of the village, which is constantly being attacked by rivals. The functionality of the game is at a very high level: you can attack yourself, unite into clans and fight together, compete with friends and much more.

Clash of clans is one of my favorite iPad games.

Download Clash of Clans

I used to play with the iPhone 5s and loved it. For some reason, the small screen did not bother. Now on the iPhone 11, the interface seems to be quite tiny. The Apple Pencil is worth its weight in gold in this strategy. Firstly, I think everyone understands that it is more convenient to play with a pencil in strategy, and secondly, now, when I launch an attack on other users, my hands do not interfere with the view of the entire battlefield.

Top game on iPad

I think everyone has heard of Angry Birds . Once literally everyone played it. Millions of mobile users downloaded angry birds every day to pass the time on the way home or play with the children. I don’t know why she shot like that in 2010, because she had a lot of analogues even then, let alone the present tense.

Good old Angry Birds.

Download Angry Birds

I also started playing it a long time ago, and noticed one interesting nuance. I must admit that I have never been a top player, but here I have always appeared to be an order of magnitude higher than my comrades. I realized the reason later: I’m just left-handed, and you need to shoot there with your left hand. Apple Pencil completely solves this problem. Everyone who has tried playing with a pencil also notes this fact.

From an unpleasant point, I can note that the original Angry Birds is no longer available in the app store. Rovio management apparently felt that it was time to make money not only on the game. I think everyone knows about the films about these birds.

Game on iPad with good graphics

The BADLAND game was released back in 2013 and immediately fell in love with many users around the world. Think about it, 65 million players! The figure is quite impressive. Throughout the game, you need to control a creature named Clone, which takes off when you tap the screen and falls down when you release your pencil or finger.

A truly beautiful iPad game.

Download BADLAND

Two extremely simple steps, but the graphics are simply amazing. Especially on the iPad. A bunch of different obstacles, puzzles, which in places seem simply unrealistically difficult. The entire action of the game takes place in a 2D world, where you have to play in a continuous flow from left to right. Do you understand what I mean? From left to right! It will be very difficult to do this with your right hand. No matter how you take your device, the hand will take up half of the playing space.

It will be quite difficult to complete it, keep in mind. Checkpoints are very helpful here. After you die, the game allows you to recover to the location of the last save. It costs 279 rubles and fully justifies every penny. By the way, BADLAND is also available with an Apple Arcade subscription .

Ported game to iOS

Partly about the game Do not Starve: Pocket Edition I mentioned in the article, which tells why do I need the Pencil Apple’s . The main character here is the scientist Wilson, who finds himself in a harsh world, where he is left to himself with a simple task: to survive.

An excellent game with not the most successful porting to iPadOS.

Download Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

To do this, you will have to wander within the game map and extract various resources. It will be good to prepare for the night by getting somewhere a source of light and food. Like any other game, there are monsters here. We must fight with them.


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