How to change the battery of an AirTag

The AirTag has been with us for a year now. That means that there are many users who need to know how to change the battery to the AirTag , as it is possible that it is beginning to reach its last days of autonomy. Unfortunately, the battery in this beacon is not rechargeable, but we can replace it for very little money.

You won’t need any complicated tools or weird parts , contrary to what you might expect from an Apple product. And that speeds up and makes the whole process much easier.

Check your AirTag battery

We already know that the AirTag has many ways to be used . From recovering a $7,000 camera to finding a stolen scooter . Going through a lost puppy that is reunited with its owner . The advantages of having one on objects susceptible to loss are many.

If you’ve been using it for any of these things for a while, you may be wondering how to change the battery to an AirTag. But first of all, you will need to know what charge your battery has. To do this, do the following:

  • On your iPhone, open the Find My app.
  • There go to the Objects tab and choose the AirTag you want.
  • On its tab you will see a battery symbol, which shows the current battery charge.

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If it’s above half, no problem . Forget about it for a few months because your AirTag still has a battery for a while. If it’s near the end, it will appear with a red battery symbol. It will be time to change it.

How to change the battery in an AirTag

Changing the battery in an AirTag is extremely easy. The first thing is that you will have to remove it from the accessory or place where you have put it, whether it is a keychain or a wallet. Put it on a table to be more comfortable.

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Now, with both hands, turn the metal plate and the white part of the AirTag counterclockwise. Now you will have three things on the table: the white part of the AirTag , the metal cover and a CR2032 button cell.

It is important that you already have the replacement battery purchased so as not to repeat the process. You can buy a pack of two Panasonic CR2032 batteries on Amazon for 4.03 euros . There are other brands and different packs, which still compensate you more if you have many AirTags. Like this blister of 6 Panasonic batteries for 6.95 euros .

This is what we use the AirTag for in the Applesfera and Xataka team: wallet, keys and even a motorcycle

You just have to put the new AirTag battery in its place, put both pieces together and turn clockwise. You will have to push a little to make it fit . You will hear a beep that indicates that you have inserted the battery correctly and voila, I do not need to do anything else to change the battery in your AirTag.

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