How right is it to work for free?

We are all part of a world where we somehow want to take advantage of you. If any of you have chosen a creative profession, you have to be very careful. Being in the creative profession, you will get proposals for many projects where you will be requested to work for free. In return for all these proposals, he will also talk about giving you better platform and ‘exposure’. Actually, to further your work and name, you have to accept some of these proposals and work for them. You may have to work for free in the beginning. But it is important that you know the difference between a profitable offer and a waste of time. Let us know when and why you should work for free.

Prove your ability

Performing your art or skill for a work does not mean that you are working for free for a long time. In the beginning of your career, it is beneficial to demonstrate your skills and talents in this way. Many times we have to do a sample job for clients on demand. In such a situation, it is necessary that you do your work with complete intelligence, so that you can move forward, otherwise the sample job done for free will not be of any use to you. You will also have to do small projects initially for free so that you can showcase your talents and arts. But after a few years of experience, whether you want to work for free or not, the decision should be made very carefully.

Opportunities that promote you and your work

It is better to keep thinking about the future of your professional life. You will rarely get such opportunities where you will not get money but will get opportunity to present your work on a large scale. Always accept such a proposal because it can become a means of networking for you in this industry. The more your network in the industry, the more you will get work. During freelancing, it matters a lot about how many of your methods work.

What is ‘exposure’

The term ‘exposure’ is often used to exploit freelancers. Try to get as much information as possible about your work and accordingly question your clients. When it comes to exposure, try to know how many people your work is going to reach. Also consider whether this work is worth your time and hard work or not. If you really think that you can get good opportunities ahead with this free job, then do that work.

For some noble reason

It would be wrong to think about what you are going to get in return for work. If any NGO or social organization needs your help, then do help them. But do not get involved with that work on your own excessively. Make sure that work does not get in the way of your career.

Always remember that working for free is sometimes good for you, but at the same time it is also important to see that the work should be worth your time and effort.

by Abdullah Sam
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