This is how you use the Group Policy editor in Windows 10 Home

Many of the usual Windows 10, you will know that we have at our disposal several editions of the Redmond operating system. In this way, depending on the type of use we make of the PC, we will opt for one or the other, since not all have the same functions. For example, now we are going to talk about how to open group policies in the Home edition, something that we cannot do natively.

And we must bear in mind that some of the more advanced functions of the Redmond operating system are not available in the Home edition. That is not to say that those group policies are unnecessary, far from it, but we only find them in the Pro or Enterprise edition of Windows 10 . But of course, it may be the case that at a certain moment we need to use this directive editor, without being able to do so.

What is the usefulness of the Group Policy editor

At this point, the first thing to know is that this Windows Group Policy editor is a powerful tool integrated into the aforementioned advanced editions. We access it by opening an execution window through the Win + R key combination, and typing the gpedit.msc command . As we mentioned, if we try to do this on Home, an error will appear on the screen.

Well, if we have the Pro edition of the software, when executing this command a new window will appear. In it we will see a good number of entries with which we have the possibility of modifying many hidden and semi-hidden options of the operating system.

But as we mentioned, in the event that we have a Windows 10 Home , in principle this will not be possible. That’s by default, but we can always turn to third-party solutions, as we’ll see. Therefore, in the event that you need it and do not have access to the group policy editor, below we will see how to get it in the home version of the system.

Access Group Policies in the Home edition of Windows

In fact, at this time we could say that most Windows 10 users have the Home edition of the system. That is why as we gain experience in the software, we will probably miss having more control of it. That is why in the event that we need, for whatever reason, to have access to the local group policy editor, we will not be able at first.

But along these lines we are going to help you achieve it, as we will see. For this that we tell you what we are going to do is use a third-party program totally independent of Windows. Thus, in order to add this functionality in Windows 10 Home, we will talk about the application called Policy Plus . It is actually a free and portable program that we run on the system whenever we need it. We only have to download it from this link .

After downloading it, as we mentioned, all we need is to run it directly, since it does not even need to be installed on the PC. Something that we should also know is that the local group policy editor is a Microsoft Management Console or MMC snap-in. This is an element that allows us to configure and modify group policy settings for various users and computers on a network. In this way, just by accessing the editor we are talking about here, we can make changes and adjust certain settings or configurations that are not accessible from the Settings application or the Control Panel .

Get Policy Plus up and running on Windows

Policy Plus allows us to easily and quickly open and modify these local group policies in the Home editions of Windows from a single window. At the same time it is also true that some of these adjustments that we make from this editor can be achieved through some modifications in the Windows registry. But of course, as we have told you on many occasions, touching and changing the register has its risks. Especially if we do not know exactly what we are doing, so opening Policy Plus will help us avoid them.

Once we put the program up and running, say that this is an independent application that shows us the list of Windows group policies. What’s more, having it on the screen, we immediately realize that it offers us an interface very similar to that of the original Local Group Policy Editor itself.

Search Policy Plus

Once we have all this at hand, we can now use this editor in Windows 10 Home as if we had the Pro edition. This is something that we can carry out and navigate through the use policies through the list of the left sidebar. But we can also make use of the search function that this application offers us.

It is worth mentioning that here we are going to find a powerful search engine that greatly facilitates the location of what we want to configure. And it is interesting to know that these searches to which we refer from Policy Plus can be done by ID, registry entry or text. If we want to access this functionality, we just have to go to the Find menu of the main interface

In this way, once we have found that editor entry that we want to modify, to interact with it we do it almost the same as in the original. With this, what we want to tell you is that we do it by double clicking the mouse on the desired group policy.

In short, this is a program, Policy Plus, that allows us to open and modify local group policies in the Home editions of Windows . This actually saves us from having to use the dangerous system registry, especially for more inexperienced users.

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