The importance of reading for the development of human beings is fundamental, as it is through reading that we are able to read and know the history of the world.


The history of the world is recorded today by the writings, and due to the power of reading it makes it possible to understand these writings, and consequently, to know the historical process of creation.


The importance of reading for these writings is indisputable, because it is through reading that we have access to information about the stories, cultures, life habits of the most different times and different societies .


The importance of reading must be presented to the subject since childhood, as reading contributes greatly to the development of human cognition .


According to Dráuzio Varela, the act of reading stimulates several areas of the human brain , being one of the most complete exercises.


During reading, understanding, the power of synthesis, knowledge, intellectual development is improved, and with each reading knowledge is expanded .


That is, the habit of reading generates a great power of knowledge for the reader. By reading, it is possible to live life experiences, to know cultures. It is a way to access a world without leaving the place.


The importance of reading is indisputable when it comes to education, as it must be stimulated from the moment in which there is contact with the linguistic code .


That is, presenting the power of reading to someone since they were children will make them grow up knowing the importance of reading for their development and this will affect all aspects of their life, from personal to professional.


Reading should be inserted from the child’s first literacy stages. (Freepik Photo)


Understand the benefits that the habit of reading brings to the human being.


The importance of reading: improving vocabulary


One of the main benefits of reading, for both a child and an adult, is the enrichment of vocabulary . With each reading it is possible to learn new words, new expressions.


For the child, learning new words develops his mental cognition. She incorporates new words, and consequently, she is able to express herself, develop speech and even the right way to pronounce them.


For the adult it is even more important, as interpersonal relationships always require a vast knowledge of him, especially in the professional environment.


Another important point is the production of texts that are required for entrance exams and competitions. Specifically, Enem.


The Enem Newsroom is one of the most important parts of the exam, and knowing how to write in a logical way and showing knowledge of the Portuguese language is necessary. This also involves a very large vocabulary, to avoid repetition in writing.


Cultural knowledge


With reading it is possible to get to know many places and cultures without even leaving your home. This makes other aspects understood.


He who understands and understands other cultures, is someone easy to communicate with others, does not practice prejudice due to lack of knowledge, and so on.


The habit of reading expands the reader’s cultural knowledge, whether through literature or just an interview in a magazine, because every reading is valid, every reading generates knowledge .


Reading goes beyond the physical space of the reader, makes him emerge in a universe different from his reality. And to understand that the world is much more than what it lives.


The importance of reading in critical thinking


Reading generates knowledge and knowledge generates critical thinking . In other words, the more you read, the more knowledge the subject will constitute, this will form a human being who thinks rationally and based on arguments.


Nowadays, having critical census is fundamental. The habit of reading contributes to the development of a critical census to be more accurate.


With coherent thoughts and based on argument. In the power to justify and argue your thoughts and behavior. Just like the facts that surround the world.


The importance of reading and technology


Since the invention of typography, better known as the Press , in 1455, by the German Johannes Gutenberg, reading has expanded exponentially, even though books already exist. And so it was the tipping point for the wider dissemination of knowledge around the world.


However, the importance of reading is not only focused on Brazilian literature , but also with the new forms of reading.


That is, reading can be stimulated in many different ways, not least because technology contributes efficiently to reading.


With technological advances, new methods of reading were incorporated to the old ones, such as digital books .


The digital books that are read by cell phones, tablets and computers considerably attract young people, the generation that was born immersed in the technological universe.


Even in schools, education professionals can also use technologies to whet children and generation Z to enjoy reading.


So, when it comes to the importance of reading, it is not just about romance , fable , poetry, short stories, literary genres of literature , but also casual reading by means that does not involve paper, but that is also reading anyway.



The importance of reading


Great intellectuals like Umberto Eco and Padre Antônio Vieira recognize the power of reading in their lives, even one of the great names of the technological age, Biil Gates, recognizes.


Find out what some of them say about reading:


“Reading is a biological necessity for the species. No screen and no technology will be able to eliminate the need for traditional reading. ” 

(Umberto Eco)


“My children will have computers, yes, but they will have books first. Without books, without reading, our children will be unable to write – including their own story. ” 

(Bill Gates)


“Whoever doesn’t read, doesn’t want to know; who doesn’t want to know, wants to make mistakes. ” 

(Father Antônio Vieira)


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