Real Meaning Of Terrorism;10 Facts You Must Know

Terrorism has become one of the most dangerous challenges to the security of society. Terrorist acts are becoming increasingly large-scale, many-sided in their pursued goals and types of manifestation. Terrorism was able to use science and technology for its criminal purposes. Cities of Russia, including the capital, have repeatedly become targets of terrorist attacks.

The main threats of a Terrorism nature are:

  • acts of terrorism against objects of state authorities, state and public figures, objects of political parties and social movements, large objects of the economy;
  • terrorist acts in places of mass gathering of people, holding cultural and social and political events, in the residential sector, at all types of transport facilities;
  • sabotage and terrorist acts against potentially dangerous objects;
  • disabling life support facilities of the city;
  • disabling the state control system, rail and air traffic control systems, and urban transport – power supply lines, communications equipment, computer networks, equipment and other electronic devices (electronic terrorism);
  • the use of chemical and radioactive substances in places with a massive presence of people;
  • poisoning (contamination) of water supply and food systems;
  • artificial spreading of infectious disease pathogens.

The main preconditions aggravating the effect of terrorist threats are:

  • the existence of terrorist organizations in the country;
  • the emergence of new types of terrorism (informational, technological, cybernetic, etc.);
  • expanding the range of terrorist activities;
  • failure of the majority of the population to act adequately when committing terrorist acts;
  • the complexity of the prevention and detection of terrorist manifestations in a megacity;
  • imperfection of anti-terrorism and other types (for example, migration, transport, urban planning), skillfully used by terrorists to penetrate the territory of the city and deliver means to commit terrorist acts;

The implementation of these threats can lead to:

  • disruption for a long period of normal life of the city or its large areas;
  • creating an atmosphere of fear;
  • destruction of urban facilities;
  • great material damage;
  • a large number of victims;
  • causing significant damage to the international image of the country, Moscow as an attractive tourist capital of .
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