What is terrorism problem, causes, types and solutions in terrorism

In today’s time, if the country asks about the biggest problem of foreign countries, then the child will also say terrorism. Terrorism has held our country society in such a way that even after lakhs of efforts, it is not getting separated from the root. The more we press it, the more it appears in the form of a gigantic form. It is not understood how to define terrorism, because everyone understands it in their own way. During the freedom struggle in India, the British consider the freedom fighters as terrorists, while they are fighting for their rights. Many times the person fighting for the right becomes fierce, considers him as the terrorist in front. Not every terrorist is a terrorist, but not every non-violent terrorist is also not necessary.

What is terrorism? (What is Terrorism)

Terrorism is an illegal act, which aims to create fear of violence within the common people. Terrorism is not just a word, it is the world’s biggest threat to mankind, which humans have created themselves. If any one person or group together spreads violence somewhere, riots, theft, rape, kidnapping, fighting, bomb blasts, then it is terrorism.

Terrorism was first seen in India as Naxalites. For the first time in 1967, some people had become angry in the area of ​​Bengal, they had come out as Naxalites to express their views.

Some Causes of Terrorism Problem

  • Production of guns, machine guns, cannons, atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, nuclear weapons, missiles etc.
  • Rapid increase of population
  • Political, social, economy
  • Dissatisfied with the system of the country
  • lack of education
  • Wrong association
  • Misguide

Apart from terrorism, there can be many reasons. Nowadays, terrorism is made as the first weapon to persuade and prove its point. Inside the terrorist, there is dissatisfaction, rebellion against society, the country. Corruption, casteism, economic inequality, language differences are the basic elements of terrorism, after all, terrorism thrives. The riots between the Hindu-Muslim caste is the most famous, due to differences between such and caste, terrorism comes. The Godhra scandal in Gujarat, the demand for Khalistan etc. are riots due to regionalism. In a hurry to earn money, people take hold of terrorism and become rich overnight by doing wrong things.

Effect of Terrorism –

The main objective of terrorism is to reach the social and political system. The general public is the most affected by terrorism. Terrorist groups do all this to tell the government of the country, but on which they perpetrate these crimes, they are their siblings, innocent people, who have nothing to do with the government, terrorism. Once you see something like this, fear arises in the mind of a person for a lifetime, he hesitates till leaving home. Mother is afraid, her baby will come back home or not.

  • Terrorism instills fear in people, they feel insecure in their state, country.
  • Many times the government also appears weak in front of terrorism, due to which people are losing their trust in the government.
  • Any government can be brought down by making terrorism an issue.
  • Due to terrorism property worth millions is destroyed, thousands of innocent lives are lost.
  • Animals and animals are also killed.
  • Mankind’s trust is lost in each other.
  • After seeing one terrorist activity, another terrorist also starts to arise.

Forms of terrorism in various areas of the country and abroad –

Today, terrorism is not the only problem of India, our neighboring countries, and the governments of all places abroad are trying their best to deal with it. The world’s largest terrorist attack is considered to be the World Trade Center of America. On September 11, 2001, the highest building of the world’s most powerful country was carried out by a terrorist attack by Osama bin Laden, which caused millions of losses and thousands of people died under the debris. America had killed its biggest enemy in a big film manner. The people of America had done an operation to kill Osama, he had killed him by entering his house in Pakistan, and all this was being recorded, which the US government was watching live.

In 2015, some terrorists entered a school in Karachi in Pakistan and opened indiscriminate fire, killing many children. It is said that Pakistan has the biggest hand in terrorism, but Pakistan itself is not untouched by its side effects.

Terrorism Attack India

  • In 2001, terrorists entered the country’s safest building, Parliament House, in broad daylight. The terrorists were shot dead after a long encounter with police and security personnel. During this time there was panic in the whole parliament, there was chaos all around.
  • In 2006, Mumbai’s local train was targeted, 7 bombs were blasted in an 11-minute interval, killing many children, old men, women and young people.
  • In 2008, terrorists entered the Hotel Taj and Oberoi in Mumbai, and kept people captive there for several days. The terrorists wanted to fulfill their demand. After the long encounter, 1 terrorist was killed, and the second Kasab was arrested. Kasab was hanged in 2012.
  • The fight between India and Pakistan on Kashmir has taken abig form. This was the form of the Kargil war in 1999, India ended the war started by Pakistan with its victory. Kashmir is considered to be a stronghold of terrorism in India, there is a stir every day. Today, people are afraid to go to the heaven of the earth, the director plans the film here, but due to the riots, they are not able to complete it. Along with the general public, our soldiers are also killed here.

In India, the list of terrorism attack is getting longer, mindless, young children are given wrong education in the name of jihad, due to which they forget the humanity and go in the wrong way. Now-a-days, the youngster is made a human bomb in the name of money, this is a very cruel job. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were murdered due to this terrorism .

Solution of Terrorism Problem –

  • Religion has to be understood correctly. Mankind religion is so caught up in the vortex of casteism, that it does not even think of humanity over religion. Religion is for our convenience, religion teaches good education, knowledge of humanity. We should put humanity above religion and caste. There is nothing greater than love in the world, saying ‘God is love, love is God’. God has taught us to love our neighbor around us, he tells us “Forgive others’ mistakes like I do”. If we understand the meaning of the word of God, then the country will come out of the world like terrorism and there will be love all around.
  • Good education is needed to overcome terrorism. On getting a favorable education, a person’s thinking will change, his power of thinking and understanding will change and he will think in the right direction. An educated person knows his good and bad, he cannot be seduced by giving the wrong education.

The country will have to work together to deal with terrorism, and so every year on 21 May, Anti-Terrorism Day is celebrated. There is nothing a single country can do to fight this problem, because it is a world-wide problem.


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