10 Dangerous Types of Crimes In The Eye Of Judiciary

It is important to know what is considered a crime, as well as what dangerous types of crimes exist.The offenses and classification of crimes is one of the subjects of the most controversial Criminal Law has created both our law and criminal laws of our environment.

10 Dangerous Types of Crimes In The Eye Of Judiciary

The Dangerous Types of Crimes are classified according to other criteria, for example in relation to the specific right violated:

  • Crimes against life. These are the most serious and those that, for obvious reasons, cause more social alarm. Among the crimes against life we ​​will find cases of: homicide, murder, injuries and others.
  • Crimes against sexual freedom. All types of sexual abuse are contemplated in the Criminal Code, from pimping to rape, through many other cases.
  • Crimes against honor. The judicial machinery works in depth on these types of crimes, very common today, especially with the dissemination of interactive media and social networks. Defame, slander or insult may constitute a crime.
  • Crimes against patrimony or property. These are also frequent criminal acts, which in many cases carry prison sentences. From robberies in real estate, to capital raising in companies, the cases can be very diverse.
  • Crimes against freedom. Since individual freedom is an inalienable right of the person, the Criminal Code establishes very clearly what are the criteria to be followed for the prosecution of certain criminal acts against freedom. Among them, we can mention kidnapping, human trafficking or slavery.

.The most dangerous crime is killing a person.

In the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the right to life is put in the first place among all the rights and freedoms of man and citizen. According to statistics, among the criminals who committed the killings, there are persons who do not have a permanent source of income and place of residence. More than half of the killings are committed by people who are intoxicated.

Lawyers call the following motives for such crimes: for the purpose of occupying a flat due to non-payment of a debt or failure to fulfill an agreement between commercial structures; in order to get rid of a person who has compromising information; for the purpose of taking possession of property or things; killing on the family-domestic soil or from hooligan motives.

The extreme danger of crimes related to murder, forces law enforcement agencies and the public to pay special attention to the behavior of people prone to violence, to strengthen control over them. Gangster attacks, extortion (racketeering) and others infringing on the rights and freedoms of citizens are very dangerous crimes. Racket, in turn, is fertile ground for the formation of stable armed groups (gangs) in order to attack citizens or organizations. As a rule, young people between the ages of 18 and 29 are engaged in racketeering, a significant number of them do not have permanent sources of income.

These crimes not only violate citizens’ rights to personal integrity and free economic activity, they are especially dangerous because they threaten their life and health. Committing such crimes, especially racketeering, is possible for a long time and systematically, since citizens do not always seek protection and assistance from law enforcement agencies.

One of the most dangerous and currently widespread types of crime is crimes related to the illegal acquisition, sale, manufacture of weapons and explosives and their theft. Weapons and explosives are used to commit terrorist acts, killings, etc. This kind of crime is committed mainly by adults, men, as a rule, urban dwellers. Weapons are abducted, which is facilitated by their irresponsible storage, they are smuggled in, they are found in places where military operations were previously conducted, brought from “hot spots”. Weapons and explosives are especially dangerous when drunk or prone to violence.

Crimes related to drug trafficking represent an increased public danger. They involve ever wider circles of citizens in criminal activity, threaten their health and lives, endanger the national security of the country. An analysis of the social composition of people involved in the illicit drug trafficking shows that an increasing number of women, minors and those previously convicted are involved in this criminal business. More than half of their number do not have a permanent source of income.

Most often this is done by organized crime groups. The most important problem at present is the identification of dens and clandestine laboratories where drugs are produced, which are currently quite a lot. Professional criminals are involved in the manufacture of drugs of persons with higher and secondary special education, who, after the reduction of a number of research institutes and industries were out of work. Drug trafficking is dangerous because drug addicts go to commit crimes, including serious ones, in order to obtain them.

One of the most common crimes against public order is hooliganism. It violates the normal working conditions, rest and life of citizens, often accompanied by personal violence, destruction or damage to property, resistance to law enforcement officials, and also ends up causing serious damage to the health of citizens or even murder.

One of the crimes that causes significant harm, especially to citizens, is fraud – theft of someone else’s property by deception or abuse of trust. This is how the activities of organizing various “financial pyramids” are classified.

Fraudsters commit crimes in different ways. Many of them use the credulity of citizens, their ignorance of elementary legal institutions, as well as the desire to get some income in the current difficult life situation. There are cases when commercial banks deceived the trust of investors. Very often there is a fraud in the exchange of currency from random individuals. A very common type of it are various kinds of games in which people are drawn on the streets and in crowded public places. Fraud is in many respects the result of excessive gullibility of citizens, when they, hoping to make a profit, do not check the authority, proper paperwork and the right of citizens, firms to conduct certain operations. As a result, a person is in a difficult position,

Another type of crime, which today is addressed by all levels of government, is bribery. According to legal scholars, at present this problem has become particularly acute and political in our country. At the same time, bribery and the most directly related corruption have not been adequately reflected in Russian legislation. Practice shows that bribe takers, unlike other types of criminals, as a rule, are mature people (average age is about 40 years), not previously convicted, having a higher or secondary specialized education. Most often, bribes are given for renting premises, for providing various benefits and advantages in circumvention of the procedure established by law, including in the process of privatization of state property, for exemption from administrative or criminal liability, etc.

Along with bribery, abuses of official position and acts contrary to the interests of the service are widespread, which undoubtedly harms the interests of society and the state, violates the rights of citizens. The fight against these phenomena is a common cause, but the state control bodies are called upon to play the most significant role in it.

Thus, the types of criminal crimes considered above do not exhaust their entire arsenal. However, there is every reason to state that both society and the state must take decisive measures to protect their citizens. At the same time, it is necessary not only to eradicate the causes of crime, but also to arm the population with knowledge of ways to protect against criminal attacks, to learn how to use them in practice.

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