Ten Signs of Happy Work

Today many people have been looking for ticket or travel information, thinking about where to go during the Eid holiday. Work for some people is an everyday thing and a routine that doesn’t stop unless the holidays arrive. Everyone certainly loves holidays. But for people who are unhappy at work, vacations become an escape because work has created boredom, fatigue, and feels like just counting the days. It is not infrequently accompanied by complaining and complaining, as if the stock is complaining so much, it is endless. As a result, the days passed were just stressful.

Some other people have very high life demands, which make them never satisfied with their work. Many also end up choosing to switch jobs from one company to another, changing positions is not a problem as long as the salary is higher. But is happy at work?

This question must be answered by everyone who works, whether he is happy at his job. If you feel unhappy, don’t linger in this condition so that you don’t get stressed and eventually depression comes on.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to measure happiness at work.

  1. Does a smile always adorn your face in your daily work?
    2. Are you one of those people who always go to work in the morning until evening?
    3. Can all of your co-workers see your passion?
    4. Is your desk at least neat enough? A cluttered desk can represent a lot of thought on at work that might be stressful.
    5. Are your relationships with your co-workers and superiors good? Have your communication been smooth with them? Are there kinship in the workplace?
    6. Would you be happy to work overtime when there really was work to be done?
    7. Do you find your job always fun and never boring? Even though there are challenges, but you see it as an opportunity that actually makes you even more excited?
    8. Do you feel valued at work?
    9. Are you able to have creative ideas at work?
    10. Do you feel that your current position and position are appropriate and for which you are grateful?

If you can answer these ten things with “yes”, then it means you are a happy person at work. Enjoy your work and always be grateful. Other people can feel it too if you are a happy person. On the other hand, if you answer no even to one point, it can be an indication of unhappiness at work. Evaluate for a moment and improve the existing conditions. Because you leave just one of the points above, it will spread to other points and ultimately destroy you in the world of work.


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