4 Easy Ways to Grow Employee Loyalty

A friend, 35 years old, has changed jobs 10 times in the last 10 years. This means that once a year he changes jobs. However, I am sure that there are still many who are still in service at the company even shorter than that. Another story of a father who has a 25 year old child, his son, if he feels there is another better job, will leave the company directly without waiting for his superior’s approval . The father shook his head to see his son’s behavior. The HR manager of a bank even said that if young people can survive just two years, that is extraordinary. On the other hand, of course you have also found companies with employees whose average service age is over 10 years.

Loyalty is something that is very expensive, it cannot be bought with anything. Having loyal employees who are not fleas is the dream of every company. Tired also in the recruitment department if the employee turnover rate is high. Unloading and installing teamwork is also not easy, you always have to adapt to new ones. That is why if there are loyal and quality employees, the company must be loved.

However, winning the hearts of your employees or team also takes effort, of course. What are the ways? Here are four easy ways that anyone can do.

1. Don’t be stingy with your employees or your team.
Don’t expect people’s loyalty to you when you are stingy. It’s impossible. Love to give, generous in everything will buy employee loyalty to you or the company. It may seem like a small thing like for example a simple attention treating your employees but it can be something extraordinary to foster loyalty.

2. Know respect for others
No matter how little people do for you, respect them. No matter how simple someone’s idea is, respect it. Say thank you and if necessary give appreciation or even reward. When an employee feels ” nothing” in front of you, he will be increasingly uncomfortable working with you. Make them feel they are valuable to the company.

3. Provide opportunities for employees to develop according to their potential and increase knowledge while working. You can provide this through a clear career path and also provide opportunities to take part in useful training or training for employees. Their gratitude for getting knowledge from the company will make them voluntarily serve and not leave the company that easy.

4. Family culture in the company
This family culture will make employees feel at home and think twice if they want to quit, they will worry that they will not find an environment, friends, an office atmosphere that is like family. Kinship culture will be very binding with one another. The office is your second home and creates warmth in the workplace.

If these 4 things exist in a company, surely your employees are loyal and do not easily move to another heart. They will easily learn to love the company, love your job and be with you to achieve success.

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