How to take care of the enviroment?

Every day the environment is being degraded by each of the human activities that alter the environmental conditions and natural resources that are vital for the development of life.

Given the great environmental impact, it is very important to teach the entire population and especially all children, to take care of their environment. Caring for the environment is a duty and responsibility of all human beings, in order to value and respect life itself; since humanity depends on its environment and its natural elements for existence on planet Earth.

Caring for the environment is a priority and immediate need for the number of environmental problems that threaten the quality of life, so it is urgent to encourage and promote the following actions.

How to take care of the enviroment?

  • Environmental education of the entire world population, but especially from an early age.
  • Environmental awareness, where education and knowledge lead to that understanding and assessment of the environment.
  • Environmental values, which are part of an environmental education.
  • The rational and conscious use of all natural resources.
  • The planning and planning of the territory, taking into account environmental aspects.
  • A change of economic model, for an ecological and sustainable one with natural resources.
  • Environmental management, to prevent and mitigate environmental problems.
  • Environmental conservation
  • Sanitation and environmental hygiene, for the maintenance and rehabilitation of urban natural ecosystems and spaces.
  • Sustainable development in all social, economic, political, cultural and environmental aspects.
  • Environmental sustainability in all countries.
  • Renewable energies due to the impact of fossil fuels.
  • Recycling in the face of pollution and human consumption.
  • The responsible consumption of all humanity.
  • Use of natural or biodegradable products.
  • Organic farming, to obtain healthy food without any contamination.
  • Ecological tourism for the conservation of natural resources.
  • Composting, lumbiculture, orchards and greenhouses as environmental strategies.
  • Respect and appreciation of living beings such as the diversity of animal and plant species.
  • Environmental or sustainable technology with the environment.
  • The sustainable construction or architecture.
  • Reforestation such as planting trees to combat environmental pollution.
  • The bicycle as a means of ecological transport in all societies.
  • Sustainable mobility due to the impact of vehicles.
  • The integral management of solid waste.
  • Reduce, recycle and reuse.
  • Environmental impact assessments in all social projects.
  • Eco-efficiency in all industrial companies and factories.
  • Support and participate with environmental organizations.
  • Promote environmental brigades in the community and school.
  • Professions and professionals in environmental or ecological matters.
  • Reduce and combat environmental problems.
  • Adaptation to global warming and climate change.
  • Respect and compliance with national and international environmental legislation.
  • The quality of life worldwide.

There are many actions that human beings, societies, parents, companies, institutions, teachers, governments and all countries must take with real will, to care for and preserve the environment that deserves so much for providing amounts of environmental services.

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