Tactical gloves for protection in dangerous situations

The use of tactical gloves by the police has an important role in their physical protection, since it creates a barrier against all those threats. The hands are the parts of the body most likely to suffer injuries.

Also, cuts, punctures and burns are constant dangers.

In situations of public demonstration, the military may face artifacts, such as Molotov cocktails or incendiary barriers. In rebellions, they can be hit by blows produced by sharp objects – knives  and  pocket knives .

There is risk even in handling your own weapon .

The gloves can be made of various materials, such as bovine and goat leather, neoprene and kevlar.

Gloves in light, elastic and resistant material, for greater comfort and adaptation.

They must also have pores to facilitate ventilation and decrease perspiration.

They must be comfortable.

That they do not hinder the movement of the fingers and that they do not completely remove the sensitivity of the hands and fingers.

Well, the agent needs to manipulate the equipment with skill.

Tactical gloves and anti-cut gloves are essential for protection 

The use of tactical gloves by the police, in conjunction with other protective equipment , guarantees them even greater security and preserves their physical integrity.

Anti- cut gloves are essential since they can protect the hands and thus avoid possible damage.

The level 5 anti-cut gloves for security forces and bodies are designed with the appropriate characteristics to offer comfort and maximum anti-cut safety.

Good hand protection in risky operations is essential.

Since we use these when performing any action.

With a modern and comfortable design, the anti-cut gloves protect the hands keeping the touch when handling the firearm, knives and shackles for example.


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