How to put the tempered glass protection on my mobile

A fact that very few people know is that today’s mid-range phones have a Gorilla Glass 5 screen or higher than this.

But what does this mean? It means that the resistance of these screens to shocks , falls and scratches is quite high, so much so that it is not necessary to place a tempered glass of any kind or use hydrogel for protection.

However, this fact does not limit anyone from continuing to use plain tempered glass or ceramic to maintain maximum protection and integrity of the screen. Therefore, today we will dedicate ourselves to explaining how to place a tempered glass without leaving bubbles in the process.

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  1. In what way should the mobile be prepared to put the protection on it?
    1. Cleaning hands, table and screen
    2. Must be off or locked
  2. What is the correct way to put a tempered glass on your mobile phone?
  3. What can you do so that no dust particles or air bubbles remain?
    1. The bath technique
    2. Use a balloon
    3. Help yourself with the suction cups
  4. How to eliminate the bubbles that you have left when putting the tempered glass protection?
    1. If they are big bubbles
    2. Being small bubbles

In what way should the mobile be prepared to put the protection on it?

There is not much science in placing a tempered glass. In fact, there are only two steps to follow and voila, the rest are basic steps that anyone can do. What you should take into account when putting this protection gadget is the following:

Cleaning hands, table and screen

When you buy tempered glass, inside it has a rectangular two-colored envelope. They are usually green and red, but can vary in hue . Each of these colors serves a function. When you uncover these envelopes (one side), you will notice that there is a kind of wet handkerchief, while the other is the same type of small handkerchief, but completely dry.

Of course, check how good the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime is before putting the tempered glass on it and if the tempered glass you have is the exact size for the mobile screen. After you have done this, you are going to place the phone in a place where it will be fixed and cannot be moved.

This is done with the aim of being able to clean the screen without it moving and without touching the same screen of the cell phone after cleaning it. The idea is that you use the damp piece of cloth to pass it over the screen and thus remove the dirt and impurities that are on it.

After you have correctly cleaned the screen and you have made sure that there is no dirt (this is important), you proceed to use the dry piece of cloth .

Dry fabric will do two things for you:

  1. To dry the screen from the moisture left by the previous material
  2. Remove small city traces that you failed to notice

A vital and very important point that you should not forget is that after having cleaned the mobile screen , you just blow the screen to dry the parts that still look wet or dirty.

This can cause small particles of saliva to fall on the screen and in this case, you will have to repeat the same process . That is why it is always good to have a good understanding of all aspects of smartphone screens .

Must be off or locked

Keep in mind that the cell phone has to be turned off at all times or at least, locked so that the screen does not turn on and hinders the process. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended in order to achieve the best of results.

What is the correct way to put a tempered glass on your mobile phone?

After you have done all of the above, it is time to place the tempered glass. To do this, you have to:

  1. Take off the protection that the tempered glass hasand keep the part that you are going to use
  2. You will carefully measure the top of the tempered glass to the screen in such a way that the design of the camera, grooves and so on, match perfectly with the design of the tempered glass.
  3. Little by little, stick to the mobile screen halfway and then release it very carefully.
  4. When the glass falls on the screen, let it acton its own for a few seconds.
  5. This will give the glass a chance to adhere itself to the screen.
  6. If you notice that there are spaces with bubbles, use the tips of your fingers to push them to the side, never up or down.
  7. In case you see that the air bubble does not disappear, try detaching the tempered glass from the screen and then placing it again.
  8. With the tips of your fingers you will be dragging the air bubble towards one of the sides. Do not press too hard on the screen at the end or edges or it may cause the tempered glass to break.

If you do all these steps, rest assured that you have put the tempered glass correctly. Keep in mind that if you need to repair the mobile in case it gets too hot , you will not have to remove the tempered glass unless the specialist technician deems it necessary.

What can you do so that no dust particles or air bubbles remain?

Now we will give you some tips that, although it is true, are simple, their effectiveness is very high. So the recommendations that we can give you are the following:

The bath technique

This consists of passing a piece of paper or delicate material that is slightly damp over the screen so that it can remove as much dirt and particles as there is on the screen. Some use cotton, but since it is fibrous, it tends to leave small traces that will affect the placement of any tempered glass.

Use a balloon

There is a small pear-shaped tool that when squeezed it expels a small stream of air. These are usually used after cleaning the screen in order to remove small particles that still remain but that we cannot see with the naked eye. It’s a great alternative to having to use other tools or your finger to remove dirt.

Help yourself with the suction cups

It turns out to be one of the alternatives to all the previous ones. Imagine that you have in your hand a suction cup capable of sucking the impurities from a screen. This is the idea behind the suction cups. Of course, make sure you have cleaned the surface of the suction cup before using it.

How to eliminate the bubbles that you have left when putting the tempered glass protection?

If they are big bubbles

If they are very large bubbles, just remove the tempered glass and with the help of one of your fingers, press over it while with the other hand you release the tempered glass little by little. Try to be ceramic tempered glass as much as possible, since these tend to have more flexibility than any other.

Being small bubbles

If the case is something small, you just have to help yourself with your fingers pressing not very hard , but with enough pressure to gradually remove the bubble from one side.

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