Do you know the police led tactical flashlight 200 lumens QUANTUM Q200S

Today we will talk about the excellent high-quality, high-quality tactical flashlight, made with high-tech American CREE led Q5 that emits a high light output of more than 200 lumens of powerful, very white light, controlled by intelligent digital circuitry.

The body material is made of aeronautical anodized aluminum to give it lightness, solidity and resistance.

The QUANTUM Q200S led 200 lumens police flashlight  is valid for all kinds of activities and situations which, being so compact and light, makes this flashlight so handy and versatile; a true all-rounder – camping , mountain , hunting , fishing , home, car, boat, self defense, security professionals and a long etc.

Its power is adjustable at various levels through its rear tactical button allowing it to lengthen its execution time.

It also has flash-strobe function for emergencies and is resistant to water, explosions and corrosion.

Works with batteries normal or AAA rechargeable batteries AAA, this makes food is economical and very available.

Supplied with batteries, carrying case and lanyard.

Special attention has been paid to the design, both in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics, having a specially adapted touch to the hand and easy handling.

Definitely an all terrain tactical flashlight!

Lighting type: CREE LED Q5 (high efficiency and very low consumption). The advantages of using LED systems has brought about a revolution compared to traditional systems.

The Led allows to emit the same amount of light flux as a halogen lamp with an 80% energy saving.

This allows reducing the size of the devices as well as achieving unattainable benefits in other technologies.

Another feature related to energy efficiency is the possibility of the diode to work at a low level, translating into light emission times for much longer periods of time.

Led lifespan: up to 100,000 hours of use.

A great advantage of the led is its durability over time as well as its high resistance to possible falls, practically indestructible with the proper use of the flashlight.

Body material: Aerospace anodized aluminum offering maximum strength, lightness and strength.

The machining process is carried out using CNC numerical control machines where precision of hundredths of a millimeter is used.

Subsequently, all components are subjected to an anodizing treatment to make them even more resistant.

The appliance is designed to dissipate heat without any problem with temperature during use.

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